Sucking each ball at a time…

It’s interesting how I can be an utter simp to large cock one minute – especially those lovely black cocks – and then revert back to reality, dominant Master Mike with his harem, led by the lovely Bhagwati.

I keep saying you have to be on both sides of the coin, to truly walk in the other persons shoes to deliver the best experience from either a Dom or sub perspective.

I learn and relearn that lesson daily. Never too good for the basics – that attitude is how to get close to mastery at any level at anything – which noone is ever a true Master at anything since you always learn but you AIM for that…

…much like a long giant hard DONG at the ceiling, like Jeremy’s thick massive white dong, the contours of the HEAD so nice, well differentiated from the thick SHAFT!

That cock was truly one I gagged on, truly gave meaning to what an ex told me when I was fat without meaning to insult me “honey don’t slim guys have the largest dicks”?. Along with “look at the muscles on that dude”, and I’d dance with him for you, show him my boobs for you .

She didn’t mean any of it in a humiliating manners. But the best experiences are real and understated, and so powerful!

Humiliation Central explains all, but back to cock?

I woke up thinking of suckling – not just sucking – on a pink black cock head. My. Smooch! The pee hole glistening with my spit.

And then Jeremys cock came to mind

“May I call you master, Master Jeremy” I moaned in lust, sucking on his head, but also doing something I haven’t done a lot of – sucking the balls – EACH ball at a time!

And tugging them, playing tugga as I say in 15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE! …and have him salivating for MORE!! …one at a time!

It’s an art to seperate the balls, truly, especially the ones that don’t hang low and are “tight” if you get my drift, more so when done just with lips. But, it increases make pleasure immensely during ejaculation.

If it’s a regular orgasm where he controls till he can’t no more, tug the balls before the blast. My! His moans will tell you ALL. Ditto for ruined orgasms etc.

Ball worship isn’t a book I’ve written – or a topic I’ve covered a lot. Ballbusting is though!

Maybe in the future!

For now, remember porn is NOT thrveay to go in terms of satisfaction or learning techniques. Most of the rubbish shown on there is just that – utter Tosh.

To learn how to service cock at the highest levels possible like many of you guys not just want but CRAVE and even a lot of women – learn from the following manuals.

Cock worship for Sissies and Faggots.

Penis central.

Back to Jeremy, he would say “bend over”. Hehe. I know he really wanted to fuck me.

He’d be very lucky too!

And after all these thoughts, the lovely Bhagwati was using her lips on me in a manner only she can….

And that’s that.

Enjoy. SSC as always.


Mike Watson

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