Pursue your dreams. Pursue HER.

Theres a difference between “chasing something” and “pursuing” (or hunting, you could say) in an intelligent rational manner.

Much like that which you chase runs AWAY from you – that which you PURSUE with a deep desire – is attracted to you.

Yet another one of those nights I dreamed about nothing but Bhagwati. My. I believe she was cleaning an attic, we were deciding the best way to “do it” if you get my drift without others noticing…

She is so sweet!

I don’t know, as Carol once said – how and when I fell in love with her.

The first time I spoke to her?

Noticing her walk on the road which th a hot, irritated expression that would render most ugly – yet with her, there was still that sexy charm about her!

That stomach with the right amount of fat, that confident walk with one foot striding dominantly ahead …

Those lovely soft arms, I still remember the first time I touched them, drew her close to me…

Maybe it was when I was once irritated – I had to be somewhere. She was late. I was yelling up a storm – if just to myself. She noticed. “Bhaiya, kahin Jana hai”?

Do you need to be somewhere, big brother?

Said so softly, could have been mentioned noticing and saying it to someone …

I got irritated.

She could have too, but didn’t. Just smiled a knowing smile. We both wanted to say more to each other, but couldn’t at that point. Gently bowed to the Emperor, finished her work quickly and left.

A year or so later was when sparks really started to fly. And that started it all.

Talk of sexual tension building up for a LONG time. My!

I still remember grinning and asking her about pursuing my dreams.

Yes, of course you should, she nodded.

I grinned again.

You’re my dream.

Can I pursue you?

There was never a direct answer.

But that million dollar smile girls give other girls (in this case a SO looking cattily on) when a guy they like is flirting directly with them – said it ALL.

I love her.

I always will.

She’s part of me and will be forever!

There is something SO special about this lady.

And you’ll realise what when you read the odes to her.

That’s that, then…


Mike Watson

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