One of the nastiest sluts breathing …

… Gabriella, whose laundry list of fetishes of being used and abused could probably fill up a book.

From mooing like a cow in heat at work to licking public toilets both male and female – to letting all her holes be used and abused like both Doms, subs and horny folks in general love – she does it all.

She even sucks cock for money and hands it over to her pimp – me.

A fantasy most love.

We live it around here!

It’s such a rush , her going to glory holes sucking cock – handing me the money – with which I buy anklets and more for the lovely Bhagwati!

Y’all on the list are well aware the sissy has been brutally outed. Within 2 weeks it has lost its job, is living on wasteland out of its car which isn’t even fully paid off – has been embroiled in all sorts of controversy – and all this when I’m not even done with level one of the outing.

There are nine levels.

She’s in dire need of money.

And she will do ANYTHING you tell her to. No matter how nasty or perverted.

For you UK based kinksters, the UK does seem to be the most fetish interested/friendly nation doesn’t it? – this might be a God(dess) send.


Sissy will suck men off, lick their assholes, their toilets – serve their women – all with ZERO gratification for her (if you recall she tossed her keys into the river and so she’s permanently locked for life).

Her holes are wide open though…

And if you’re interested in a human toy like this – to serve YOU in person in real life – email.

$50 gets you an introduction, personal details etc. again, she will do ANYTHING you ask her to, no matter how perverted!

The same thing holds true if you’re trying to find subs, doms etc to serve in real life. We have been trying to get a version of Fetlife going on this site but until we do – email me – and with my extensive contacts and a finders fee paid, I’ll find you your ideal partner, Dom or sub.

And that’s that my friend. Thought I’d put it out there, as the slut is SO ready to suck cock just to eat!


Mike Watson

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