TRUE alpha males have an abundance of … Yes. FEMININE energy!

Yes, you heard me. And I mean REAL alpha males like myself that don’t even describe myself as such – the vibe does. I’m against labels like I’ve said before. Try telling that to the typical so called alpha “red pulled” guy jerking off at home since “women are toxic”. What bullshit. If you were a real alpha, you’d be attracting women (or men per your preference) left right and center without even trying!

Isn’t it amazing, and you read about this in A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China – how the most abjectly submissive guy on the front of it – most of his real life experience has been anything BUT?

Why girls who I literally beg to press their feet giggle and want sex from me?

And so forth?

It’s feminine energy my friend. We are all yin and yang – a combination.

My X photos are the most feminine I’ve gotten until now – yet it’s funny. Women call that picture “handsome” when to me it’s beautiful, pretty, but not “handsome”. Hehe. My real life “masculine” side certainly is though hehe.

I even had a comment from a stunningly gorgeous Indian lady the other day about “I wish you were female so we could be best friends”!  Hehe.

Guys whose dicks I ABJECTLY simp to and lose control over love it. What energy is that? Not purely feminine. No woman simply looks at a dick. Haha. Guys do though – though most won’t admit it!

Like a 6’3″ black dude once told me “you’re making me blush, Mike”. And he was and remains as dominant as any.

Guys worry about the bullshit concept of “game” to get women. It’s baloney. Be yourself.

That’s not to say act like a simple,.or overly macho or any of it. But, a little feminine energy goes a very long way indeed guys.

Corny lines – what most people would consider corny at least like “how tall are you” and “should I press your feet?” – using the term ‘Maam or Sir ” – all things women traditionally do for their tired alpha men or SHOULD… Have actually me brought me and continue to bring me the most successful and there’s plenty of it on show. Hehe.

It isn’t just about words either. Bozo Schofield uses them all the time – result? The idiotic Gabriella does too – again – result?

It’s the VIBE behind those words that really, only and truly counts for ANYTHING.

This whole modern day concept, and I was talking about it with the older dhoban I talk often to is bullshit. Ask any real woman. She was scolding her daughters for not having dinner ready on time, how all the education in the world doesn’t mean you’re not a woman and have womanly nurturing duties and responsibilities.

Funny. The idea for this write-up struck me while looking at her daughter’s lovely feet.

Men and women aren’t equal, I laughed. They were never meant to be. Different roles, neither “superior” nor “inferior” to the other. True men lead. Fight. Real women care, nurture, support. It’s that simple. Ask any woman whose better suited to give massages, do housework etc. Even the feminists will respond with “women”.

Women are FAR better at accepting their natural roles too. Put a hard core feminist into a relationship with a man with lots of money (no guys it’s not all about money – tiny dicks and large Ferraris – you get the photo!) – dhe reverts back to being traditional in most cases.

Put a loser guy into a relationship with a truly naturally “submissive” (true submission is AS if not MORE powerful than domination, hard, no pun as that might sound to you guys) – chances are the girl turns dominant.

Anyway ….

You need an abundance of masculine energy FIRST as a man . It is only then you can truly Tap into and be comfortable with your feminine side. For women, the reverse. Be a woman first. The manly sexy part will only make you more feminine if you do it right!

To put that into one final perspective which should sum it ALL up?

I might be the best simp ever avd likely am. No competition by far! Hehe. Despite all the simps out there – and I have an upcoming course on how to be that too for those interested.

But I’m also the polar opposite, the best Dom ever. Yes, with a big thick dong.

Ying and yang, truly.

And that’s that.

Pick up 25 odes to Indian maids that truly DO deserve it – NOW. Some of the most stunningly attractive (vibe wise) women I’ve ever met, and continue to!


Mike Watson

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