Dr Harry Dickburn and Dr Itchy Dong…


I’ve been looking at a lot of lovely COCK as of late – and of course, lovely strong women.

The other day, the lovely Queen Mie – with my simping to her on full max mode, hehe – she’s so cute x – said the following in response to this –

Maybe my weightlifting can be lifting your strong legs with both hands and massaging them? One by one, i cant lift both. Too weak..,

This was in response to her benching 75 or 80 kilos. More than my entire sexy bodyweight of 65 kilos … Hehe. Soaking wet like a cat at that, albeit a lean one. Hehe. She was giggling about “I’ll bench three of you” – so Madam should!

Her response –

“You focus on the massage. I’ll be happier that way”!


I could sense the dismissive vibe – massage, boy! Do your job – I’ll talk to real men and focus on the weightlifting. So sexy!


Real men. With long cocks. Like Rueben and his lovely cock.

He recently quit his job and sent me this –

I might work at a urology clinic. I know it sounds like a pissy job but I think it will flow good. I will work with Dr. Harry Dickburn and Dr. Itchy Dong. I will let you know in the next few weeks what happens.


This guy has helped me so much in the past. He’s got a special blowjob waiting when I meet him next . X . Even now years later, I dream of taking his white undergarments down, dick plopping out, perfectly shaped mushroom head, perfect length, the balls always full – my! The feet ready to be massaged ..

Real men.


Reminds me of Madam Wendy who the first thing she did when she spoke to me (she had an Italian boyfriend much like Su did – well wait, Su’s was French) … “I want to take you to a gay bar”.

I don’t know until today how madam sensed it. Actually, I DO. Hehe.

I spoke about that with Mie. Hehe. She’s smart which I love!

There are surely more fun places you can go to than have someone laugh at you in a gay bar. It’s more fun in an empty space.

I have yet to find a gentleman slave (boyfriend) to massage my feet. I wait for you to come forward yourself. ❤️.

Ditto for the massage worker who asked if I like men. Hehe.

Girls can be so cute that way with the RIGHT man. And contrary to what most men think, it brings me closer to them and them to me. So much for the concept of “game” men spend big bucks trying to learn and never do. Honest conversation and wit, intelligence rules the nation.


Back to COCK?

I’ve been looking at some lovely ones as of late, and we all know serving and servicing them is an ART unto itself. Literally. Like the below –

It isn’t what you see in porn.

I have said before porn isn’t what you need to be learning from! Or even watching…

But it’s how you LOVE that hypnotic cock, pay special attention to the balls, and just go to town on it.

Guys and girls, straight or not – we all know erect COCK is sexy.

We ALL lose control when confronted with erect cock in front of face, admit it or not. Most guys are actually watching the cock more during porn than anything else!

And my courses on cock worship take what you’re seeing above to the next level and then some. You’ll truly be the best cocksucker out there once you implement these most innovative cock sucking techniques you will not find taught anywhere – most of all, you’ll have a new appreciation for what you already love – hard cock – learn about the different types – and – well – become a complete expert on it by learning!

Here they are –

Cock worship for Sissies and Faggots 

Penis central.

Steaming hot, get these now, must have in any sissy or even just cock lovers collection (or even regular vanilla folks looking to improve their sex lives).

And that’s that.

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