The feeling of Maltis wet warm tongue on my lovely soles, between my toes…

Sucking them …but wait. Im getting myself!

First, this post is a must read for you guys. It will give you the background required on this.

Second, I’ve had Bhagwati do this too. But, Malti loves my feet even more!

As she was pressing my legs the other day, the way she put my legs on her shoulders while running, the way her eyes kept moving to my calves and toes – I could tell. Hehe. I have been much the same myself and still am on occasion!

Talking to her lazily, the Benevolent Emperor to his slave girl – I brought my soles to her lips on a whim.

“Per chum”. The command (kiss my feet) came while I was looking deep into her eyes, which always tell the full story.

The kind of knowing look that penetrates deep without it doing so directly!

As if on auto pilot, those lips kissed my sole once, and she smiled shyly.

I kept my foot there, staring at her, toes playing with her lips.

Without saying a word, I moved to the bed from the chair I was sitting in which getting a foot massage.

Lay down, legs spread wide open, completely relaxed.

“Talwe chat“.


Read the link above, you’ll understand it is a most domineering, degrading and therefore sexy way of saying lick my soles..

And she did after the briefest of brief hesitations which was so cute.

Until now I was referring to her as “tum”.

It changed to the more dominating Tu straightaway.

“Neeche Beth”

Sit on the floor, I commanded. She was on the bed prior to that.

And then from there, those tongues, my lovely soles staring right at her truly went to WORK.

My, the feeling of having one’s toes sucked, soles licked lovingly is something else altogether – between the toes, the kisses WHILE licking – the same thing I have willingly done for so many ladies over the years.

No wonder it’s all coming full circle now. Hehe. Life always does.

By the time she was done, it was a cinch to move her head between my legs, me still in the same position on my back, and pump my long dick DEEP on her throat. What a load. My!

She swallowed every drop gratefully, then lay down on my chest. Slowly, master and slave drifted off to sleep.

I’m writing this still in bed..

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And that’s that!



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