The way Malti looks at my feet….

Female attention has never been an issue for me obviously. But thinking about it, the older Indian dhoban, maginificently dominant in most regards but submissive to me (in most regards anyway) as I wrote about on the other site – the way she looks me up and down like a piece of meat. My!

Eye candy you could say. I don’t mind but I’ve noticed the attention is mostly on my calves and feet.

The other day, walking outside I noticed her staring at my feet – something I’ve never quite had a girl do that obviously!

Lots of girls and sissy cow like guys like my feet.

That’s obvious.

But the way she was staring at each big broad foot in its flip flip stomping down royally down the road … My.

She’d give me – and does give me – foot massages forever.

Yes, another married woman as so many of them are.

I remember a conversation with a giggly girl who crashed into my car once.

Bumper fell aloose. Looking at her, getting out of the car, I was like “yeah. Negotiating with her on this. Good luck bro!”.

Indeed, Madam was still applying mascara as she got out of the car. Enough said?

Of course she didn’t have insurance.

And of course I ended up paying for it. How could I ask the lady to, though it was her fault.

Point is this though, and a certain Cicy would agree – we got to talking about her husband.

“Just ask my husband”, she said in that sugary sweet pseudo sexy tone women often employ when they’re looking to get something out of a guy they like.

“Like” being key here. There’s getting something out of a guy, and then there’s getting something out of a guy a girl likes.

Why would I ask him, I growled. He wasn’t the one that crashed into the car!

She giggled again.

True, she said.

Turns out it’s a stay at home husband who lives on her income, cooks, cleans – and yes, gives her foot massages at night and is happy about it – and embarassed when other “real” men talk to his wife in front of him but can’t do much about it.


A very familiar scenario for me.

How do you even manage to live with such an idiot, I asked. Total loser!

She giggled again, adjusting her lipstick or something.

“That’s why I’m talking to you..”.

So much for my car bumper ….

Anyway…..bumpers, bumping her, all this aside….

Back to Malti, the way I fuck her mouth and pump cum down her throat, the way I bang my long hard dick on her face before doing it – my.

Truly the stuff of fantasy for most men they will never live out – yet, I do.

More in the Bhagwati Devi Sex Files Subscription – where if you’re a good boy or girl, I might even introduce you to some of these women live. In fact I did that recently a few days ago.

Imagine that, footboy.

Watching me with my women live, our feet, our taunts, the whole shebang …

Sign up NOW since that turns you on that much. Hehe.

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And that’s that.


Mike Watson

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