Topping from the bottom is unacceptable.

And unproductive and not conducive towards the end goal too, as I keep saying in all my books, manuals and specifically the flagship product “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China“.

Women complain about this all the time ie guys that want to submit for free – “they’ll do anything in the world”, but the minute they’re asked to send tokens of appreciation the vast majority will go back to jerking off “free porn” and ultimately coming back to that same woman – staying UNSATISFIED, claiming”they’re ok with that” when they know fully well they aren’t.

It holds true for both genders, sissies as well – though I’ve personally found men to be far more culpable of this than women. I’ve never once had a female sib even consider refusing my orders – some sissy cows and males have the temerity to try though to preserve what was never there of their so called manhood.

And because of this – women don’t have a tiny micro dick to contend with. Sissies do, and the perennial, constant frustration of staying locked gets to them.

The docile and intelligent cows quickly realise struggle is futile and they do as they’re told which includes incorporating the techniques in Sissygasm Central to “relieve” some of the frustration – or a lot of it.

The so called rebellious ones don’t, and want it all on their terms. I’ve had a couple of those, in both cases they returned – and were ultimately docile again – they had no choice.

As I’ve proven countless number of times, once I get a hold of someone after careful planning and research, you can’t get rid of me.

Nothing is more irritating than slaves who continually and willingly lie, slaves that resist following every order except that which suits THEM – and those that get downright disrespectful when they don’t get their moeey whiny way.

And nothing is more offensive than cow brains to whom this has been explained multiple times – but they ignore it anyway despite promising “never to again”.

Some like the fat cow Gabriella use terms like “don’t do this”!

Tell this cow to do the simplest of things?

“I won’t do it”!

How it could even think of saying that sorta thing to its owner is beyond me. I suspect the frustration of being perennially, no pun is getting to her but she has only herself to blame for not following orders and trying to top from the bottom – not getting books when told, not sissygasming regularly, and most of all continuing to blatantly lie and be an extreme cheapskate (apparently the cow thinks spending all her money on lard inducing beer as opposed to moving towards her life goal is the better so called choice she never had)  which is fruitless for either party and especially so for the submissive and the fits the cow throws regularly and the obscene language she uses reflects the frustration – not just at losing me (which is a huge loss for obvious reasons) as a Master – but knowing theres nothing better to turn to and knowing deep down inside resistance is futile.

All red lines for me and any true dominant.

There is no way a dominant can fulfil his or her responsibilities with any degree of finality if there is topping from the bottom going on.

As I keep saying, you have got to be in it all the way or not at all.

And that, my dear reader is that. The real deal is the real deal, and jerking off to porn on the internet won’t , as Sophia rightly said – cut it either …you FOOL!

More here.

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

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