Her feet make everything so NICE!! ?

A truism of life I’ve often pointed out – women not considered traditionally attractive, fat women, downtrodden women – are often and always – it’s even more of an honor to serve them for obvious reasons, and this, again for obvious reasons applies SO much more to women from the subcontinent!

I’ve written times about this, both in my books and manuals, and my various sites. Another truism – a lot, in fact ALL women that are overweight from the subcontinent – they have such delectable beautiful feet!

And soft fat broad soles, that need to be worshipped, or pressed as they say here – differently, and it’s just so NICE!

I can’t explain the feeling.

Walking by in the hot summer afternoon, I saw a fat Indian lady that by any standards would be considered unattractive, yet, instantly, and i remember this vividly as I sit in a sissy exercise position 

….. as my gaze instinctively lowered to her FEET, I knew it!

Well maintained, pedicured with bright whiite nailpolish – or “nailpaint” as Indian girls love to say in that cute English/accent! Hehe. “Hinglish (Hindi plus English)”, you can never really take the Indian out of most Indians..?

(Or the cute British English variation they speak there – hehe)

(Right down to arcane terms no longer even used in the UK, in the sub-continent, to an extent in Hong Kong – they persist!)

Then, another lady, her high heels, the fair Indian sole CLACKING against her black polished heel as Madam hailed a cab…

All of it, just so nice!

Her feet make everything so worshipworthy, I forget all looking at her SOLES!

And that, my friend,is a cardinal femdom affirmation – one of many that are so sweetly successful in terms of attracting not just true and real,lasting femdom into your life if you do it right, on auto pilot almost… but anything you want, any goal truly DEAR to you.

Dear, as Indians say.


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Remember – her feet and her soles, ass, they make ALL better.

Worship her like the Queen and GODDESS she was BORN to be, deserves to be, enjoy and ENCOURAGE the brattiness, entitlement, accept your PLACE now and forever.

You’ll never be happier!


Mike Watson

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And that’s that.

Mike Watson

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