“He came several times reading Ass Worship 101 – once he started, he didnt want to STOP!?”

And I dont blame him. Hehe.

The much awaited review of Ass Worship 101 is here, my friend – and to be honest, what he’s saying – EVERYONE that gets our books and manuals say it – basically, the books dont just impart valuable info for you that will help you in the bedroom, even your life if you transplant the mental part to other areas of your life – but they make you HOT.

They make you want to “do” – want “it” – whatever that it is for you.

And thats the whole purpose of all this – teach – in an erotic manner like no-one else out there can!

A bit of background first – Joss Rod, who sent in this review might not be great at the English language, but his Spanish is “el perfecto” – and so are his ass worship skills. Hehe. In his own words and by his own admission, “he’s an expert at it already” – this was before reading the book.

The true experts keep learning, as I’ve always said. You never know it all.

So it is with ASS worship, my friend, and all else you learn – here is what Joss said –

“When I read this book I was fully immersed in reading, I’d seen videos and images about ass worship. but I’d never seen the internal part, the mind factor, I could see myself from the mental perspective of a strong dominant but also of a submissive boy bcse the reading is very descriptive, needless to say that I came several times ? once I started I didn’t want to stop.

Now – he’s done a great translation for the book, but beyond that – look at what he’s saying.

For material of this nature – IMAGERY is what works best. It does for everything in life, actually – we think in pictures – but especially material of this nature!

And it’s also why Humiliation Central got us banned off Amazon, something that hurt yes, but overall another step in the direction I’ve always wanted “free of Big Tech interference and prudity etc” (though really, the book shouldn’t have got banned – going for years and years, and all of a sudden they ban it – not on! It had dick pics yes, but so did Penis Central – far more – and all of that is in there for DESCRIPTIVE purposes, not “porn” – we dont do porn! Of course, the guy or gal that banned it probably got hot reading our stuff, felt guilty, and then banned it. Typical nutjob who wouldn’t acknowledge his or own hidden desires…)

And so, he’s seen plenty of porn before – real life asses, DONE the thing (very important) – and you’d think WORDS wouldn’t make much of a difference given his expertise in the subject matter and on the topic.


Words are ALWAYS what make the greatest difference and CUT the deepest, and make you FEEL it – if you do it right.

Not everyone can, there’s a skill and art to it, but either way, those words paint a picture in our minds, and as with all my books?

The words in Ass Worship 101 painted a picture in Joss’s mind that was far more erotic than even the actual images themselves – and that was because they explain the THOUGHTS and mindset behind the entire process which as I’ve always said, and rightly so, are what add SPICE to this whole game of “fetish”, life, everything – NO-ONE likes “boring” and routine, we all know it!

Second, like with all my books – this helps you regardless of if you’re a switch, Dom, or sub. Those skills are required for all. And the book explains it, like all mine do, in a manner that caters to EVERYONE.

And third, though I could write more on this – if the words make you cum – and “I ain’t even getting started” – well, my friend, there’s YOUR money’s worth for the book right there – in SPADES – no pun intended!!!!

Thank you, Joss! (not his real name).

Hi Buddy

Thanks for the note on this – no problem for the slight delay! This is a great short review and I will wait on the other review too –
I look forward to hearing (reading – hehe) it.

Yes – words from us “wordsmiths” do indeed paint a very GRAPHIC and vivid picture on others dont they? Glad to see the positivity spreading –
I look forward to your next review!


And thats that – I’ll be sending over the next more descriptive review shortly too.

My friend, our books and products truly change LIVES – not just in the bedroom, and they will change YOURS too. And today is the best day ever to pick up some great books and products – starting with the ones mentioned above. Do so NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – Remember our award winning NOVELS too.

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