The sheer THRILL of worshipping their soles, ass, and whats BETWEEN their LEGS!

Two of those are pretty much gender neutral.

Lets face it, soles – and assholes – both scream dominance if done right, face or no face (though face and the look in the eye of course works best!).

The lowest parts of their body, which arouse SUCH lust in submissives … but other than this, some of the most erotic experiences I’ve had – period – no pun – by far – no pun again, were with Madam SU – when she cuckolded me like NO OTHER!!!!

Cuckold fantasies are amongst the most common amongst fetishists, especially male but females have it too, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to live them out in real life!

That THRILL of seeing them both on the bed, relaxed, legs spread – and you’re looking at straight at their bushy, spring, hairy pubes – a long DICK with the head poking out, or resting on balls, or a wet pussy – both waiting to be SERVICED, both of them STARING down at you, bitch – MY!

You forget ALL classifications of “am I gay” or such horseshit when faced with such a scene.

You forget EVERYTHING, boy!

The DICK matters. Their soles matter. Their asses matter. And you’d do anything, including suck their nipples and eat chocolate out of their ass as they shit it out – pun – bathe in their holy piss – and more – so horny do you get!

Madam Su had that vibe from the beginning.

“If you dont satisfy me in bed, I’ll find other lovers but you can’t!”.

The first day at that – MY!

Of course, she wasn’t that comfortable with actually doing it – at first.

As I’ve said before – “what will you do when he comes home”

“Do you really love me if you want me with another man” (not that I “did” if you get my drift, she suggested it!).

You could answer in a variety of ways directly such as “for your pleasure”, “for you” and so forth, but none of those would convince her to take the plunge, my friend.

The INDIRECT ways work best.

It’s her SUBCONSCIOUS mind which needs to be convinced – well enough.

And the tips in Cuck Central are what really work well when meshed in with those in A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China. 


Bliss like never before for cucks, my friend.

A fantasy you never thought you’d be brave enough to try, let alone live out ..

A real man and YOUR woman with him, insert gender of choice, reverse order, whichever it is, YOU are there, as Madam Han told me, to CLEAN UP!


And GOON, of course.

And more …


There’s a reason why Cuckold Compilations, both the audiobook and digital version is so popular.

And, so will be our next “to be” bestseller “15 CARDINAL rules of true and lasting FINDOM that bring satisfaction like NEVER before to ALL parties involved“.

No, “send now” isn’t the be all and end all of this course either.

You’ll want to place the pre-order now, because the price will go UP very shortly on this. (once I’m done with it – halfway through at this point).

And thats that my friend.

Back soon.



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