Master Takashi … blocked a fag!

Hehe – that being me!

Now, I get it – I was expecting it. Although he’s got conflicting stories on his tweetline about “tribute first then talk”, some other tweets actively encourage fags to GET in his DM, and he’s very very insistent about it – that VIBE which first drew me to him, his feet and cock … which are forever imprinted on my mind, with those lovely 44 hairs at the base and shaft of his LONG dong … with more sprouting, SO cute, so sexy, so adorable, so ATTRACTIVE MUAH!

“Gooner extraordinnarie” as a girl giggled about it later.

That I was yesterday!

But Master Takashi deserves it.

I’d drop down to my knees and kiss his feet and crotch if he was here and THANK him for blocking me.

Now, I dont quite agree with the “block on impulse” thing – personally me, I think things through business wise and gut wise before doing such a thing. Madam Alyssa once did that because of “chatting” – but if you dont get to KNOW a person well, just tributing, or sending – well, I wouldn’t recommend it!

It NEVER works long term without the right connection FIRST.

And that can only happen via chatting, or at least SOME communication, or vibes which Master has, but why he’d think I wouldn’t send is  a mystery, especially after I planned it yesterday!

One look from him, one SLAP from him, more WORDS from him, and one look at his cock, even his PISS – all of it, so holy heavenly – and I’d melt!

(dont get me wrong, way too many freebie seekers out there looking for free chat, but perhaps Master – and he’s a young stud, so this makes sense isn’t “Experienced” enough to tell the wheat from the chaff, which hey, I get …)

(and, with me? I’ve never spoken to a male dom before …that sexy Asian body of his – slim, petite with that huge dong – well, it’s the first time, and his VIBES!!!)

But, key thing, and I mention this in the femdom affirmations too, and it works for MALE DOM TOO!

He’s never wrong, boy!

And I’d kiss his butt cheeks and smooch his lovely asshole while saying it repeatedly!

He deserves to rape me – my wallet, all of it.

Master, in case you’re reading this, YOU are responsible for me never looking at an ASIAN male the same again, my eyes will always go to the GROUND, and their holy croctches, their GROIN – and the thought of their DICKS AND BALLS, and how SUPERIOR Asian males and females are will pass through mind – EVERY TIME!

You, perfect Master Takashi, your cock, your BALLS, your CREASED balls, the line in between them, the SHAPE, the HAIR on them, the LOVELY PENIS, all of it, and that ROYAL head, even sexier pink pee slit – and you, your vibe, are responsible for it!

I can SMELL THEM as I sit here!

And as I said yesterday, I BEG you to share your Paypal so you can SEND.

Truly … from one “dominant” (sometimes, hehe) to the other.

I know how it feels.

And you’re the real man here, my friend!

Keep being that.

I love you! *yes, that should be normalized too, saying those words!*

And thats that, back soon.



PS – To worship cock right, learn about the different types HERE first. Trust me, you’ll bring AMAZING things into your life overall once you come into close contact with and acknowledge your deepest, DARKEST desires my friend! They will NEVER GO away, that I’ll tell you right now, but if you ACCEPT ’em, well, a whole cornucopia of PLEASURE AWAITS!

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