It’s great to know my books have real life impact – in the OFFICE TOO! Hahaha….

And they do!

Lots of folks have reported improved sex lives, improved relationships (especially!) – more COMMUNICTION – and learning a LOT from our books.

And that, along with the feedback I keep getting from folks on how much they enjoy the books they’re working on (I’m referring to narrators, translators, the “team” here as it were) – is the greatest compliment I can get for all of this!

I was writing to a certain lady Dominique this morning about the amazon mess that happened last week.

And while I’ve written about that on this site here – its fishy – Humiliation Central, a book lots of you love, a book thats been going STRONG since 2018 – an offer to narrate it causes the whole damn system to go “kaput”? I dont get it, something fishy at work there – someone likely is not happy with me discussing those inner most hidden desires and thoughts we ALL have – that never go away!

These things need to be discussed, my friend, and done so in a non confrontational and non aggressive, non “blaming” manner – between couples – between friends – between “people in general” as it were.

We ALL have another side to us – yin and yang, yet how many of us acknowledge it?

And I am yet to tell Amazon that, that this is yet another one of those very valuable and UNDER served verticals this business served.

No, I’m not going to get into the “minority” discussion – I hate that. I’ve always been one to go on MERIT, and so I always will be, and bringing race, “minorities” and all the other related crap into it is pathetic – I will never do that.

But logically we have a huge point, and I’ve made it to Amazon, and we will see what they say …

Anyway – I got this from a narrator of mine today!

Good afternoon, Mike! Well, maybe not afternoon for you. I have been going over the material again and had some questions. Are you fluent in more than one language? I just always wonder when you talk about mainland China if you are Chinese and Indian women whether you are Indian. It doesn’t matter to me except that I tend to put a face with names just to keep it sorted out in my head, who I am talking to.

So I have a little list of things I didn’t understand and thought you may be more of an expert on it than google. =)

Doosra – is this a name or a word?

FWIW – not sure what this stands for POV Paye Lagu – wasn’t sure what this meant either, but I did find the pronunciation findom and then in one part you were talking about tasting bleach from cum and I wasn’t sure what that was about. I personally don’t do that, not because I don’t want to but because I will throw up as soon as i feel the warmth and its salty…But i absolutely LOVE that part of the book and wanted to understand.

I am a bit terrified of slaughtering the part, “Madame, hum apke per makhhan jaise kar denge”. but I will do my best, i just know that i have a noticeable Dakota accent. What language is that, and what does it mean?

Oh, also you mention the P-spot. Where exactly is that? I mean obviously in the back side but… we don’t watch porn or even r rated movies because for the last 10 years we have agreed to only give or receive gratification exclusively, even visual. So arousal comes only from each other. Until this boy at work… anyway… sorry lol I think that’s it for questions,

P.S. I thought of you at work the other day. There is this older Asian man, I am not sure if he is Karin, from Thailand or not, that is the case with most of them at work, but he aggravated me (I don’t like men trying to take things out of my hands just because I am female, especially if I am bigger than they are) and I ended up scolding him, and now he keeps throwing my wrappers away and getting things for me, trying to help me and all of that. I was just genuinely annoyed but I think he enjoyed it. I couldn’t help but think of your work and laugh.

Well, well, well!

I was initially going to respond privately, but many of YOU Reading this have the same or similar questions, so I’ll “let loose here too” – haha.

Yours truly –

Hi Signe,

Thanks for the email and the questions – and thanks for “remembering me” at work -hehe. It’s great to know my books have real life impact – in the OFFICE TOO! Hahaha….what was the “full story there” if I might ask? And did you use one of the “Profound poses” – forefinger uplifted ?? to “tutor the errant guy”? Hehehee – I wouldn’t be surprised if you DID! 🙂  (and the impact it might have had – those poses are indeed profound!) 

Continuing on in reverse order … (somehow a certain lady comes to mind who once told a little girl to “keep spending her father’s money” – hehe – long story there – extremely dominant she was too!) – the P spot is the prostate gland in men – one of the most pleasurable parts, if not THE most along with nipples – of a man’s body – as I write about in Sissygasm Central, if you learn how to work THIS part of your body right as a male, you can and will have COUNTLESS orgasms like a woman does – one after the other – and NEVER with the “let down” that male orgasms induce, as you’re “being emptied” – albeit pleasurably if you get my drift – haha. Let me know if that makes sense, or try it “gently” with Daniel – and let me know the effect it has. The first time you see him “pissing cum” – you’ll know what I mean when you DO it – do it safely as I mention in the book!! – you’ll be HOOKED FOR LIFE!  

Plenty of that in my bookstoo … Haha. 

Madame, hum apke per makhhan jaise kar denge – No problem with regard to the accent, and as far as prounication goes, Googles your friend, though I can help too – let me know. Hehe. ? … More on this here – “Madam, please try this. You’ll have feet like butter!” – Spicy and Erotic Fetish   … 

Bleach from cum, well, thats self explanatory – “Paye Lagu” is a term from the Indian subcontinent which means literally “at your feet” … a very submissive term as you might imagine! 

“Doosra” – means second – it is also a term used in “cricket” (a sport played in the subcontinent) … let me know which exact line you’re referring to there, and I’ll explain further! 🙂 

I’m fluent in many languages and have many faces – a true Heinz 57 if you get my drift. Hehe. I’ve been called everything from Spanish to Arabic to Indian to Chinese, I’m one of those chameleons that just blends in, so we’ll (as a nick of mine was on a forum back in the day ;)) – let the “mystery”continue in that regard if thats OK! Haha… 

… <chopped>

So thats that, my friends.

Indeed an interesting way to start the day eh.

Be on the outlook for the audiobooks either here or on Audible – I will keep you posted on the story as it pans out, and for now – get the books above – an education unto itself all those books are, and you should have ’em all sitting on your bookshelf for sure!


Mike Watson

PS – Madam, what if you werent bigger than them? Hehe… ?

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