Ma’am, could you ice my balls please? 😁

With a huge, massive grin at that!

And not so much to numb them so you could lop them off, hehe.

It’s for … well, here’s what I wrote when I was submitting the text for “Krystal the Teaching Assistant – the Compilation (that was anything BUT!) (the LADY, not the compilation, hehe – thats very much a great compilation!) …

While submitting the request for auditions, which ACX for whatever reason makes WAY more tedious than it should be – the fun part – my, the memories!

SO Many memories came flooding back – no pun, but the most intense of them, Madam Yang!

And the way she so expertly, literally ICED my balls as I was serving Krystal – Krystal being the one being taught by her, of course, as you’ll see the older lady so expertly teach her things throughout the book …

… it’s so EROTIC!

Ma’am, PLEASE ice my balls so I dont keep thinking about SEX, or sexual things!

Of course, said Sophia Ma’am when I told her. She would love it. Hehe. Not to mention that KICK to the balls is EXTRA painful when the balls are iced, or fresh off an icing!

Man – thats one tip I did NOT put in Ballbusting 101 – but maybe I should put it in Volume Two!

Male balls, truly – they either deserve to be WORSHIPPED for the resorvoirs of MANLY SPERM they are – or SMASHED in and KNEADED for HER pleasure – sadistic or not (and Krystal certainly turned into that from that sweet girl I saw in class that first day in September – that white skirt, those KNEES, those LEGS, MAN!!!!) … because they’re CUCK balls!

And if there’s one request I would give Bhagwati Ma’am, that lovely Indian maid I write about SO – that bodacious lovely DOMINATING lady with those DOMINATING poses, MY! – those dark forearms!?

Ma’am, please devote the extra care you do to your work to icing my BALLS – while looking at me with those big soulful eyes… MY!

And that is her job too, and she knows it !

Man, SEXY – MY!

Back soon.

Get the above books now, and ENJOY!


Mike Watson

PS – Indian maids are GREAT at keeping the male underspecies – underfoot. Hehe. And while Serving an Indian Goddess encapsulates that spirit, so does 25 odes to Indian maids …that SO DESERVE IT! (especially this one). Get both NOW!

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