The Indian laborer, her bare, FAIR feet – and of course, those pink slippers in the dust, and her innate DOMINANCE!

I caught myself staring – again – at the unlikeliest of femdom scenarios – even less than the catty, bratty, sexy Indian MAIDS I write about so much, truly, when you’re attracting on auto pilot, it happens EVERYWHERE.

but this was unlikely even by my standards!

I’ve written odes to Indian maids, and those are immensely popular (this post, by the way, was meant to go on but a computer reinstall means it goes here for now) – but this woman, in her faded horrible clothes, the pink slippers in the dust, doing manual labor – the way she looked at me THAT ONE TIME.


It makes me think I could write an ode to Indian (female) laborers as well!

Though, many of the same odes (that I wrote about on maids) apply here.

Ma’am’s feet were so fair they might well have been pedicured!

And the way she LOOKED AT ME, those broad toes, the DISMISSIVE manner that came, then WENT – Paye lagu, Madam … JI!

The way the slippers CLACKED against the feet, surprisingly well taken care of.

As girls tell me, and the lovely Carol did “you have a good eye for the girl!”

Because girls deserve a good eye, my friend!!!!!!! They’re so NICE!

Girls like me too, who when their SO’s tell them “dont show your butt, boy!” (in NON fetish scenes) – respond back with ‘but it’s cute, in shape and dimpled!”  (which it is – I’m being honest, but damn, when I start saying that as a matter of fact to women, then you know one thing – my conditioning has truly taken hoLD! Hehe. )

Truly the best sissy am I ? Hehe. YES! No pleasure quite like being a sissy, worshipping cock and so forth – well, there’s ONE Thing better – pure femdom without any of that, even!

I truly love it when downtrodden ladies EXERT their dominance over me oh so naturally either via word or deed – or VIBE, which counts most!

Of course, this does NOT extend to “downtrodden women” alone.

Nidhi Ma’am, Paye Lagu!

“Sir, please fill out the form” she told me in an irritated manner (to do with school or something – long story). 

That irritated, casual manner when women want to talk to you, try and find an excuse to do so, and I was staring at her ankles of course, feet clad in brown shoes.

Ma’am, you’re so nice too!

And course, Radha Ma’am whose soles and feet I devote a LOT Of attention to daily.

She is truly holy, not just her name (consort of lord Krishan) and the odes to her?

Well, they’re PRIVATE and available ONLY for those who are TRULY into femdom ie those that are members of the Watson faithful!!

If YOU want in, let me know – for now, this holy deity has feet that should NEVER step foot on ground, and Madam KnOWS it, the way she ignores me, I LOVE IT!

(let me know if you want in, I’ll let you know where you can download it from. Trust me, this woman is holy, and this is one odes series you MUST have on your femdom bookshelf, you simply MUST. She is holy, nothing less is Radha Ma’am …JI!).

Paye Lagu, Radha Ma’am. You – you are – you ALL are – SO, sO NICE!


Mike Watson

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