All I can think of is Radha Ma’am… ??

I’m watching a sports telecast – live telecast that would normally consume EVERY fiber of my being. I love it!

Yet, today it hasn’t.

For the past few days, even COCK hasn’t – which is hard for me (no pun!). Trust me, when you’re thinking something else when an erect COCK points at you, you know she’s GOTTEN INTO YOU!

And so she has.

She is HOLY, and is sending me messages from the heavens – both literal and metamorphical – femdom heavens, and ABUNDANCE HEAVENS TOO! And ALL I can think of, despite the excitement on the live stream (think guys and sports!) – is her soles, her ankles, either in my lap, or on my shoulders, what she’s DOING, how her FEET are faring (she’s probably in shoes now, but I feel Ma’am loves heels – not too much the heel, but a substantial amount!) – I wonder if she’s hot, if I could wipe the sweat off her brow, from her armpits, just SERVE her, bring her drinks, the ultimate honor would be if Ma’am ALLOWS – it’s a privilege for me, buying women things and giving them MONEY – me to buy her that anklet and other things she SO DESERVES – but doesnt “need”.

Every post she makes about MANIFESTATION reminds me SO of Rachna Ma’am …

And Ma’am is so nice, so DOMINANT in her ENTITLEMENT, and I love it!

I honestly can’t stop thinking about her, not just now, but over the past few days … I wake up, its Radha Ma’am. I take a break, it’s Radha Ma’am. I watch sports, its Radha Ma’am!

Everything is tailored to, around this holy Goddess!

The odes to her are – well, private for now – email me if you want in!

And in the meantime, get some of our other odes here – all immensely popular, and well deservedly so.

Back soon!

Radha Ma’am, you’re so nice! Truly, even with all my experience the first time a lady has taken me for SUCH A SPIN – I’ve not even spoken to her directly ONCE!!

Thats TRUE femdom for you though, being willing to do ANYTHING FOR HER, anything, and getting NOTHING IN RETURN!

Paye Lagu, Malkin. You’re TOO Nice, too nice!


Mike Watson

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