Pushup workouts while kissing Madam’s toes, reverently, one by one…

… as they SO DESERVE.

Paye Lagu, Radha ma’am … JI! She is SUCH A Goddess incarnate, and deep down inside Madam knows it!

I havent’ even spoken to her.

But that ones sole shot while she washed her feet, while wishing she had someone to do it for her … SAID IT ALL!

She is such a Queen and Goddess, and the more we dont chat, the more I want to chat to her, and I will, I know it, I will WORSHIP her too – but for now, I was thinking – while doing my fabled long 500 pushup workouts I learned from my Indian friend (bodyweight fitness GURU! as he’s called – a true STUD) – and his workouts will turn YOU into a stud (or studess, hehe) too … I often have feet and Madam on my mind, as I always do!

And pushups, proper form, slow and steady, INHALE down, exhale up is what he taught me.

And I kiss each toe on the way down, pause, say thanks, EXHALE, then inhale her FEET again as she relaxes, I sweat!

It happens in the park all the time, I’ll be doing pushup, and female feet show up next to me!

I’ve written about it so much, so often, for now, it’s Radha ma’am’s lovely broad feet showing up, dark skinned, TOES PAINTED RED – MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lovely Vietnamese lady I so talk to these days uses that expression too. Hehe. Truly a match of the minds, but anyway …

Pushups, my friend, are by far one of the best and most underrated exercises you can do for all sorts of overall fitness, and along with pull-ups – the vast majority of “muscle heads” would be hard pressed to perform ONE repetition of these exercises properly, let alone high reps, despite the “easy” rap bodyweight workouts get, they’re anything but – look at how athletes and folks in the army etc train globally – it aint weights in the gym for one!


They are NOT mentioned in Sissy Workouts. Hehe.

The LAST thing I want to do is turn you sissies into real men!

Sissy Workouts has workouts that are tough – and will stretch you – and ALL your holes to take what really matters – real man COCK!

The workouts will strengthen your JAWS to suck forever – like the ladies in Sin City Diaries are trained.

They’ll strengthen your fingers to massage forever – like those ladies doing 500 fingertip pushups a day (NOT a misprint there!) to strengthen themselves to massage their clients all day!

They’ll open up all your holes to take not just one cock comfortably, but TWO at one time!

And they’ll stretch the hamstrings out – the most important part of the body to train – along with the back, also one of the most ignored!

They will NOT turn you into a real man. Hehe.

Thats not the purpose.

But you’ll be fit, sexy and slim much like the real men themselves. Hehe – if you do what I tell you.

And you’ll take cock in every hole and love it – even more!

And that makes it all worth it.

Place the pre-order for this SIZZLING HOT COURSE NOW while it STAYS at the price it’s at.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – Do it now, sissy. This price wont last forever, and check out some of our other SISSY specials too!

Another way to make pushups for sissies? Hehe, with Madam’s FOOT Pressing down while you valiantly try and press up, sissy! More ont his later, or simply have her on your back, so many ways. Anyway, more on that later sissy!

Radha Ma’am, Paye Lagu! You’re so nice! MAke sure those lovely feet get the attention they SO DESERVE, the pampering – up during your travels!! Paye Lagu, M’am, Id do it ALL DAY FOR YOU AND YOU KNOW IT GODDESS!

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