“I’m too drunk to cum”

Or, when you’re too drunk to get it up, my friend – which was supposed to be the original title for this one but I replaced it with what Rueben really said, that lovely white penis, the head so beautifully shaped and SUCCULENT in my mouth that night – only staying hard when I put it in my mouth, and even then, not quite!

It was so beautiful I’d stare at it dangling all day though, even if not hard, the outline of his package…

Years ago, actually around the time this incident I’ve spoken about so much in the motel with Rueben happened – I had this habit of waking up horny as I always do – even till this date. Hehe. Thats a prime indicator of your health by the way – if you’re waking up with a hard on beyond the age of 35, 40 – without fail every morning – everything is functioning right in your body.

Remember when you were a teen?

Waking up without a hard on NEVER happened back then, did it?

Anyway – I’d often jerk off back then – in the mornings – no chastity for me back then! – into my cup of steaming hot coffee.

I’d add sugar too – honest!

I still remember the mixture twirling in the coffee before I drank it – or SIPPED it, rather – while looking at porn or whatever on the computer.

After that, I’d go to class!

Last night, I wrote about this … so nice to see so many movies these days about bitchy, bratty dominating women that keep cuckolds at their SOLES – literally – and enjoy their other men too, SO nice to see these ladies, girls, women having their cake and eating it too!

And in the movie with the pyscho (well, the nerdy sort of guy I wrote about) – the femme fatale isn’t the only one that uses and humiliates him.

When he returns home after a lengthy break expecting to find his “love” waiting for him, he finds her with another man – a slim sexy aggressive stud.

Stud beats him up – this theme reoccurs through the movie, cuck does NOTHING to defend himself (though he has the final laugh, hehe) – and you can see stud putting his shoe on his face – literally – strong thighs visible – so much so a cop sardonically calls him “protein shake”!

You make me SICK, the girl says!

Truly cuckold paradise, as they toss him out, and the girl tosses the gift cuck gave her along with him.

In one scene they’re shown drinking beer after beer while the stud keeps kissing her …

Which reminds me …

In ANOTHER scene, the cuck is so besotted with the chick that even after being asked to never come near her again, both with fists and verbally – he shows up at her restaurant anyway with a meek mumbling pathetic “I just wanted a sorry gesture”.

Keeps ordering his favorite “shake” – some sort of coffee mixture – he’s famous in the nearby restaurants for ordering this drink repetitively while he meets girls he met online -and they take off the minute they see how weird and nerdy he is in real life.

Guy never got over some childhood trauma apparently, anyway, thats not the point,so at chick’s restaurant, the guy and the chick can’t believe cuck showed up there AGAIN.

After being humiliated SO much, I don’t believe this goes the stud, balling his fists up, but the girl stops him.

Cuck orders his “drink”, finishes it, wants a repeat, gets it, finishes it …

Wants another repeat, which the stud “serves” him – as he does he so, he slowly and deliberately SPITS in it, and gives it to him.

Cuck drinks it anyway!

Stud gets pissed off, and slaps him so hard his jaw might have broken!

How pathetic can you get, they thunder!

While watching, I remember my eyes GLUED to the stud’s package!

Throughout the movie they focus on his body, but never quite his package, his lovely bulge – I KNOW he’s got a lovely hard cock, perenially hard, waiting to spring out, when they show him in bed, legs spread, snoring, white underwear, I SO wanted to pull his undies down and suck on his penis for him!

I’d drink his “special mixture” as he grins and tells cuck ANY DAY!

I’d LOVE him coming up to my table, hard cock, cumming in my drink, huge spurts, I know he’s got a lot of cum in them HOT YOUNG balls! Muah

I drank Jerome’s all the time, his piss too sometimes when he was drunk! It tasted so nice, hot and warm …

But anyway – when hes too drunk to get it up ? Or when YOU ARE?

Lets face it, as men we often are that way.

But YOU can still get pleasure bar NONE my friend – even when too drunk to even get an erection properly – and how?

Well, mouth is one way – suckie, and nipples!!!

Along with those two though – a finger sliding up your butt – properly – to stimulate that P SPOT – that is key!

I so wish I knew these things back in the day.

That night I’d have sucked Rueben’s nipples, flicked them while I sucked his dick, and also stimulated his prostrate – remember, your P spot doesnt know you’re drunk!

And it’ll give you pleasure and rock solid erections as you “leak” – and then “piss out cum” – and it ‘ll do so REPEATEDLY, over and over again if you do it RIGHT – just like female orgasms, drunk or not!

Key is to do it – RIGHT – I wish I could have done it for Rueben that night!

I still remember him saying “I’m too drunk to cum!”

We even got a bottle of suntan lotion out of his car, and I put that on his penis shaft and sucked him, slurping away (I remember asking if I could ingest it, if it was harmful, he said no, so..) – I remember it made his penis taste so nice!

(NB – dont do this for ALL suntan lotions, I believe that one had natural ingredients or something, Rueben’s trained as a nurse, so I trust his judgement on that)

I SO wanted to give him a MASSIVE orgasm (like he did me later, hehe) (I still remember him washing off the cum off his hands – he didnt quite like sucking, I think, didnt do a good job at it like I did, so it was HJ for me, but .. damn I was so horny, the bottom of a boot would have done it for me!)

All I focused upon when pleasuring him was what came naturally, sucking his penis, but he was truly too drunk to cum that way. Hehe.

Anyway – lesson in this for you?

These three – or four – courses my friend – you MUST get em –

Sissygasm Central (the “why” is obvious, it’s for both cucks and studs as you can tell)

Penis Central, Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots (learn how to suck dick – and worship that magnificent MEMBER right – or dont do it at all!)

Ass Worship 101 (intensely pleasurable for both men and women)

And to tie it all together, nipples are what tie it ALL together – Nipplegasm Central.

OK, 5, not 4, but you get the drift.

Some of you  might say “without a woman, no use”.


Without finding the right woman to support you in your urges, enjoy it as much as you do (like Madam Pearl, and so many others I’ve written about) – its nigh pointless.

My books ‘A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” (and listen, I’ve gotten sick of saying this – but I’ll say it again anyway – this works for ladies EVERYWHERE, not just CHINA!) -and “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like MOTHS to a FLAME – on AUTO PILOT” (you have to affirm daily, multiple times daily in order to ATTRACT!) are KEY  – I repeat, KEY – no pun intended if you’re in ANY WAY serious about attracting the sort of femdom into YOUR life that I write about that a lot of you find so HOT!

And, I dont blame you – it IS HOT.

It’s even hotter when it happens in your life. REAL LIFE!

So it should.

And so it will, if you get my courses above and start implementing the information therein.

Get these courses NOW.

And last, but not least, if you’re someone that “loves this business” (words I recently got) yet wont spend a red cent to support it, then it’s pointless for all my friend – might as well click unsubscribe NOW.

I dont like that sort of person at all, wanting everything for free, if you like a business, SHOW it with action, not just words, actions are what count T (lets just call him T).

And thats that.

Write back – let me know!

And remember, REVIEW every product you get – not only for the 10% discount forthcoming, but also because … well, genuine reviews help EVERYONE, my friend – it takes but a minute of your time to pen down a few thoughts.

Please DO IT!

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – Remember to check out the rave reviews for these and all my books too – both on the site (do a search) – and on the reviews page. There’s plenty I have not (too plentiful, no pun, hehe) put on the reviews page, but do a search on the site, you’ll find stellar reviews and nary a bad word about all my products. Definitely SO worth it. As if you needed me to tell you? Hehe, but I did anyway!

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