Birthday Blowout!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’–πŸ’„πŸ’‹

Lots of love to everyone as always – and it’s here – the day thats supposed to be a big day, but rarely ever is for me – Mike Watson celebrates it INTERNALLY for the most part – the day I Was put on this planet here. Hehe. At 630 AM in Kolkata, I believe, in India … (It was “Calcutta” back then).

How old am I today?

Well, a lady never reveals her age, silly! Hehe. But you CAN guess, like I keep asking those lovely ladies I’m with – Ma’am, can I guess your age?

I so love guessing their boyfriend’s dick sizes too! Simper, hehe.

Anyway … what does this sissy want for her birthday?

I dont know! Didnt you know, a lady can never ever DECIDE ? Hehe…

But I know how I FEEL. YOunger with each passing day – I’m supposed to feel older, like those lovely ladies – older ladies I serve so, but I feel younger with each passing day!

Now how old am I?

Well, you can guess!

But I do know I feel happy and grateful for everything in my life – and in these times, thats something to be thankful for.

Sure, I worked long and hard for what I have – I always will.

Other than sticky cum, I dont want anything on a silver platter. Hehe.

But I do know we had a sale a coupla days ago which was pretty well received – emphasis on pretty.

And this pretty lady whose always either called “very handsome and sexy” or “stunning beautiful” – never an in between, so it should be, hehe – wants to do something special for YOU again!

That being, another sale – certainly not something I’ve done in the past, certainly not a routine thing around here given we just finished our end of year bumper sale.

It’s party time!

Initially, I wanted to give you a hint of my age. Hehe.

So I wanted to do a FLAT 25% off – of any cart value over $42. Short, sweet and simple, there’s a reason I chose the numbers the way I did! πŸ˜‰

But then I paused, I wanted to make it more meaningful, here it is NOW –

A FLAT 42% off ANY cart value over $100 – which is HUGE savings for you my friend – and works better for me too in terms of a meaningful sale!

Think about it – almost a 50% off – which doesnt happen around these parts too often …

I could have done $42, but that would make it less meaningful for YOU my friend – doing it the way it is now, a percentage discount ensures big savings for YOU. πŸŽ‰

So hurry – get your thang on – and Watson will get her lovely Sissy Workout on shortly, and we’ll count sales etc later!

Thank you to all – may the spirit of GRATEFULNESS SPREAD! \


Mike Watson

PS – Hurry – this wont last beyond today most likely!!! πŸ’–Love you!

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