The boogers hanging off that THICK, magnificent DICK…

This morning, I woke up to a dream of “Chotu” – an office boy in India, or … well, it’s a pseudo humiliating term often used for young servants in India, or even young uns in general, so much so that it’s become, as many of these things with servants in the subcontinent (like being expected to provide foot massages all day, not being allowed to sit on the family furniture or even eat out of the same dishes, use the same toilets etc) – has become “routine” and “rote” and embedded in Indian culture. (or the subcontinent).

(it translates to “tiny” so adult males being called that – well, you can tell how and why it could be very humiliating indeed if done in the right settings and tones!!)

Perhaps its apt I woke up to a dream of  being served sausages and sandwiches!

Before that it was egg yolk, messy at that!

Anyway …

“Uth, chotu!”  (wake up, tiny!) Hehe

I still remember Nandini Ma’am giggling, pinching my nipples as she uttered those humiliating words she KNEW I loved so much.

First thing in the morning – MY! Talk about it being a part of your life – literally!

Unlike with some other girls I’ve been with, this 19 year old Indian beauty KNEW me from the get go. I contacted her for a credit card application as Ive said before. Needless to say, that wasnt even discussed  and she was pretty open about it, “taught” me how to say “Malkin” the first day on OFFICE software at that – can you say SIGNS? Clear and loud? Hehe.

Anyway, it was so erotic, the way she and her mother humiliated me!

The best humiliating comes from deep down within, it, like everything else depends upon the MENTAL.

As Hannibal said in Silence of the Lambs – what do we covet the MOST?

That which we see everyday, but cannot get …

Same thing with humiliation, women etc (for a lot of guys that WANT it but can’t get it) – and the manners in which you see servants serving their superiors, deep down inside you KNOW you want to be the one serving, except you can’t, or she won’t let you, or you didnt work up to it right – whatever it is – the mental cuts deepest!

And the words, gestures … this is why my course on humiliation Humiliation Central hits HARD – and cuts DEEP – like all my other writing does!

If you’re into humiliation, the REAL sort – you’ll want to get this now!

An oft forgotten tip in that book is one towards the end – one without a picture – yet one extremely erotic nonetheless, and brutally humiliating.

“Dinner, boy!” Su, that lovely cuckoldress, indeed the best ever – though she was reticent initially – would giggle (or lunch, or breakfast, depending upon).

And, she’d either “dig for gold” if you get my drift and product a massive dark booger – usually moist too! – or hoick up a huge loogie if she had a cold – or whatever it was, while me, like a dog, I’d be eagerly waiting, mouth open!

Tongue out, and she’d stick it to my tongue, pat my head. 

“Food, boy!” she’d grin, those eyes GLEAMING like never before! She truly enjoyed it once she got into it, my friend!

Gross maybe?

But no more than what I did for Pooja Memsahib…JI!

Once you get past a certain level of submission – GROSS doesnt exist in your vocab. You’re willing to do anything for HER – and by extension … HIM!

I so remember Su – so many times she’d bring out a booger – and stick it on top of …

… yes, you got it …

Jerome’s shiny cock head -often his pee hole, and of course, with me always eager to suck his cock, especially that large head which gave everyone so much pleasure – well, I’d be gently prying the booger off his pee hole – or the lovely dark foreskin, while she’d giggle helplessly.

He thought it was gross initially.

But he got into it, and the best part was him getting hard – yet again – while I stayed locked and denied, butt plug deep in ass!

Those were some of the best days ever – best memories!

Su Ma’am will always have a very special place in my heart.

Cuckolding, my friend, takes humiliation to a new and different level altogether!

And Jerome’s penis, well, I’ll always fondly remember how it swung, often hitting me on the tip of my nose – it was so HEAVY, that phallus – covered in Penis Central!

And often times, I’d be sucking Su’s toes furiously during her many orgasms with him – licking away at her soles, until she’d tell me to stop

“Stop, you little bitch!” she’d gasp. 

And Jerome wouldn’t let me rest.

“Here, make yourself useful, boy!”, he’d say – while grabbing me by the hair and shoving me nose deep into his sweaty ass crack – while my tongue would fumble around and find his lovely sweet hole, that lovely manly CANAL of his, hairy at the outside but smooth on the inside, that magnificent full prostrate of his at the end of it which I’d often tease – to be soon greeted with more moans of pleasure (the hottest part was how he MOANED AND GROANED! MY! So manly!) – and another massive blast of hot sticky JIZZ blasting out from that lovely dark penis of his!

Really, I loved tickling Jerome’s prostrate, so bulbous and big like Masters beautiful DONG!

Yes, Sissygasm Central can be used to pleasure STUDS too!

And what I teach you in Ass Worship 101 – that will – and should stay with you – for a lifetime – it can be used to great benefit in terms of humiliation and cuckolding, but also GIVING pleasure, period. Both for and to men and women!

I so fondly remember Jeromes sparse, but thick pubes, he’d often have me shave them so he didnt have to do it … and my sissy hands are perfectly suited to such tasks anyway!

Remember the girl in Sin City Diaries who once “pried” a strand of pubic hair carefully after it got stuck on me when I Came?

Well, thats me – and could be YOU too, sissy, if you perform your duties well! (and learn well).

Anyway ……. you’ll read all about these, and many other experiences of being cuckolded and worshipping PENIS – real life scenes all – in Cuckold Compilations.

Then youll no doubt want to work this into your life.

I dont blame you, but remember – its one thing to talk about it.

As my friend once said, talking is one thing. DOING is quite another.

Talk’s cheap, but money buys whisky, as they say!

And when you bring a third party into your relationship – be it man or woman – then things change.

Although women are far more open to this sort of thing “woman wise”, its never a good idea to just up and ask for another woman in bed – and it certainly isn’t a good idea to pressure her to get another man into it before neither her nor you are ready for it.

Talking about it – one thing.

Play – one thing.

But actually getting another person into it crosses the line big time, and you might want to be ready for it – not only can it completely ruin your current relationship if not done right, but your psyche could be DEEPLY affected for a lifetime too my friend – as well as your partner. We dont want that!

Its supposed to be fun, erotic in a mind blowing way, a good way.

Does that mind you should never cross the line?

Not at all, my friend.

You have to WORK UP TO IT – right – as with everything else.

And my book Cuck Central shows you – TELLS you – how to work up to this sort of thing in your relationship, and believe me, once you’re both ready, both of you will know it, you will feel it, and it will open the door to BLISS like you’ve never experienced in your sex life!

Truly, giving is what its all about!

And that, my friend, as I go back to sleep thinking of Su’s lovely sticky – sometimes hard – boogers – and Jerome’s hard penis and his pee hole, is that!

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – If you need therapy to work all this into your lifestyle/relationship – fear not – you’re not alone.

Our kink therapy sessions have helped many, they will help YOU too if you need it. Many do!

And no, I wont say “just do it” as one therapist famously told me during a session with an ex while saying “this isn’t my area” … hehe. Although his advice was sage too!

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