Ruebens’s black swim trunks… muah ?

I still remember an argument I once had with my friend (back then, now not) – “you go with him to the pool to swim and suck his dick!”

He meant that as a barb – although I had not sucked his dick as yet.

He was constantly complaining about how “that guy” (Rueben) is gay and so forth (when he wasn’t really – that was just the label people love to stick on others – so STUPID, I’ve often said!)

Most recently a few months ago I spoke to this guy, and he brought it up again, though in jest.

“You’d take dick too wouldn’t you!”

All throughout the feeling I got from this guy is he’s jealous of all the attention I get from women, and the number I’ve been very fortunate enough to be with, and continue to be with while he – well – precise opposite.

I didnt respond.

But it’s funny how people’s OWN internal frustration comes out as sexual violence against others, barbs, taunts etc … when those are more appropriate and applicable to them – they are projecting themselves onto you basically!

Anyway ……….

I’ve mentioned Rueben and his lovely penis a LOT before here, havent I?

That night swimming in the creek and then back at the motel

He’d often jerk off in the creek too, but it wasn’t until that night in the motel, and before that, with Jeremy – I truly knew what PENIS lust was!

But I still remember  a mutual friend once coming over to swim with us, and Rueben just took his trunks down in front of him to change “quickly” – and – at that point I hadn’t seen his dong well enough, just a glance out of the side of my eye, but I remember thinking about it, it looked so nice, cut! Muah.

He – the other friend, took a long look at it, then laughed it off.

“He got naked right here!”

But he took a look, didnt he?


Later that night he claimed “Rueben was bi” and so forth …

I wonder, really wonder how much both these “friends” jacked off to Rueben’s dick secretly … Hehe.

Anyway – I often wish I could pull his trunks down, suck that lovely beautiful bulge of his as we drank beer later, let him cum in my beer, and forth …

Lick his ass, massage his feet as he slept, I did that once … Massage him with oil while he relaxed after the swim, jump in a hot shower with him … much more!

His underwear was plain white, nothing spectacular, but it drove me into frenzied lust – and why?

The PENIS behind it!

I still remember it so vividly – that lovely head, the pee hole, all of it!

As I remember all of those I’ve sucked, worshipped, put in my holes, and so forth.

And from one penis lover to another – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots and Penis Central are my two Xmas gifts to YOU, my friend.

Get them now.


Mike watson

PS – I’ve said before our books change LIVES – for the BETTER – and it’s tru! Just check out what “Mungo” has to say about Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – and he aint the only one either! Hehe.

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