The power that comes from ONE!

Oh my … Mai!


And Paula, with all her great reviews -both verbal and otherwise, has REALLY, really outdone herself in this one!

Countess, I so BEG to kiss your feet (she doesnt really like people touching her, so not happening, hehe) – – for this one, you’ve hit the nail on the HEAD EVEN MORE!!!

She’s an older lady, and her mind is as sharp as ever, and she reviews all of this SO WELL, so analytical, and the way she ends her review by “she completes her conquest by making him her servant” – well – Paula – your MIND has made me your servant anyway.

I suspect Madam – or Countess Paula knows this!


This book “Mai my lovely Indian Maid”, was, as I told Paula after she read it – TRULY WRITTEN IN THE FLOW!

I didnt even meet Suvi.

(before writing it).

It was ONE glance she gave me on wechat, a few WORDS “no, your job!” – that much like with the unforgettable Princess Joanie DID IT!

As Paula says in the review

feelings are most important, not just the physical . . .

So true, Ma’am – as you say, “what a great pity” most guys dont get that!! Haha.

The “exchanges of glances making it impossible for the man to forget” – SO TRUE!!!!!! Often times, and most of the time, ONE glance does it, one look at her sole, ONE word from her, all comes from the subconscious hence the power behind that ONE ACTION!

And I’ve written galore both on that, and the effect the subconscious has upon your life in general – it is really the driving force behind EVERYTHING if you get my drift.

If you wish to attract femdom, you condition and train the subconscious FIRST, it is the only way it will happen (if you’re truly into it, this should be natural to you, much like a duck taking to water, but I provide the requisite tips to move the process on anyway … and the affirmations too!)

Anyway …

That – is THAT.

Go to the review page, get the book NOW.

And thats it, really! MY! Mai … Hehe.


Mike Watson

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