Why Profound Poses is WELL worth a read.

For everyone, I should say — submissives, dominants, and even “regular” fetishists as it were.

There are many reasons for this, of course.

And all covered in the book in the “benefits” section (or the sales page).

But to me, the “crowning” (pun intended) #1 reason?

Why you write this book on pose, why not more story

So said a reader and fan from India, I think …

It’s a good question, and I’m answering it — NOW!

How many times you have been thinking about something else entirely, my friend — — and then BAM — like a sock hitting you behind the ear (sockful of wet sand!) — you think SEX — in whichever way you like it?

And nine times out of ten or perhaps 10 or more, its because of what you see in front of you.

Femdom wise?

Could be your SO lying in bed casually, those soles visible, and she ignores you naturally because she truly doesn’t know you’re there.

Or, a lady with her feet up on the park bench!

Or you read about Madam in China who put her lovely dirty feet up at Starbucks and even spat a a man (I’d loved to have been there, and I’d have kissed her soles and paid her coffee too!).

Or, perhaps you READ something interesting — but in all these cases, it’s not so much just the picture — it’s the POSE.

The position.

The look in the eye!

The WAY she dangles — holds — the foot — or the WAY the sole is talking to without trying to!

And femdom wise?

Because some positions just scream DOMINANCE!

Both male and female! (and while most of the positions in this book are “female domination”

oriented, a couple or one at least will be COCK oriented too).

Because hard cocks, especially those curving upwards are sexy and DOMINANT too!

And because these positions while well known “in general”, are hardly ever viewed as “sexy” by

themselves, or as “all in one” play positions or in general positions to affirm/reaffirm domination in

any way, shape or form!

Big mistake my friend.

And thats why I wrote this book — to spice up your sex life — to provide you with new insights into what gets us “submissives” off and of course, if you needed any more tips on being a “good

Dominant, or Domina” — well — these sure will help!

THAT LOOK in the eye, that VIBE is indeed what it’s all about!

Profound Poses by Mike Watson

And without further ado,my friend, that alone is a reason why YOU should read the book.

More benefits here, but for me, thats the #1 benefit!

And I’ll be back soon.


Mike Watson

PS  -This post first appeared HERE – Canonical link. Of course, since Medium saw fit to suspend the account. Well, their loss, hehe.

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