Boots and splits!

There she was, last night – or this morning, depending upon how you look at it.

Madam in blue jeans, tight jeans, and BOOTS!

Could be a certain Madam Portia

But, the name Pooja comes to mind for some reason!! (Maybe because I’ll pay her again today hehe. So nice!)

I was doing splits nearby, an excellent, excellent exercises, not just for stretching purposes, but to tighten the entire core and sides as well, and a GREAT movement to open you sissies up if you get my drift, and one I do regularly, one YOU should do regularly too, and get damn good at – and it’s one of the great movements mentioned in the upcoming book “Sissy Workouts“.

She was doing them too, and the boots caught my attention, I think.

I cannot quite remember what I was thinking, but I wanted “one leg on me” if you get my drift!

Except, I wanted it on my split legs – to stabilize them more.

I didnt ask, but then something happened, I dont know or remember what.

And boom, her legs – both – were on me!

Those brown boots, I believe staring at me.

Now my legs are STABLE, I quipped.

She looked at me sternly,didnt get the joke.

Didnt seem to think it was funny in the slightest.


I removed it, was about to do so quickly when she barked “wait”!

I was saying something to the effect of – but you’re fit, you dont need me to do this slowly.

“I’m the sole breadwinner of the family!” she barked.

Now I know it was certainly Pooja Memsahib … JI!

I dont know why she said that at that point. Hehe. It wasn’t connected, or was it?

But anyway, thats Pooja for you …

Anyway, then she did something that you have not read about as yet (and this is one book along with Princess Joanie you simply MUST read my friend if you’re into femdom).

She stared at my lower legs, the pants rolled up to reveal calf .. a hairy calf, and I laughed.

“My hairy legs!”

Women have said it’s sexy as hell.

Pooja … well, the demanor was stern as usual!

“Like a villager!” she barked!

Oopsy again!

“I’ll shave them…”, I went, somewhat hesitantly…

I might as well have said nothing, the words bounced off Madam, those blue jeans still so tight!

Boots still on..

And then without warning she grabbed one clump of hair – and PULLED!

And kept pulling, staring at me – so immensely painful, you’d think?

Except for some odd reason, I felt no pain at all!

I remember Pooja’s pretty compatriots all staring at her, grimacing.

One even told me “And thats how she is!”

Boy do I know. Hehe.

Those other girls appeared in other dream scenarios in my mind last night – I cannot remember them all, including one vivid scene that came to mind – non femdom related – – just upon waking up.

Boy, you gotta love it when Volume Three of a book just downloads itself into your brain when you’re sleeping!

Anyway, this sort of torture has not been mentioned at all in ANY of my book as yet. Hehe.

It WILL be mentioned in Volume Three of the greatest – possibly book series ever – Pooja Memsahib … JI!

You’ll want to get your mitts on this NOW my friend, truly one of the best ever from Watson and thats saying something.

And thats that.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

P.S. – Those boots are GREAT for busting balls too!

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