Madam caressing his chest while he pounds her!

His slim, muscular chest!


I didnt see his dick, but he was horny, and it seemed decent sized, handsome guy, in good shape too … the sort women like. NOT the “bulging muscles sort”, but the slim sexy sort, with lovely abs and a defined waist, lower back, midsection …and a muscular chest without it being too much.

It was a movie I saw last night, a movie with lots of violence (themed on the Mexican mafia) – guns, drugs, sex and WOMEN!

Non stop basically.

In one scene, the guy I’m talking about (who took over someone’s house temporarily) tells the inhabitants of the house “to go to the cellar” because we’ll make a lot of noise.

Not shooting wise. Hehe.

Yes, shooting wise, if you get my drift!

They then show him making out with his slutty wife who by the way is happy to go with anyone that offers her something of any real value…

And while he bangs her like a horny dog, she caresses his CHEST!

So MANLY she might as well have said!

Women LOVE men with corrugated cores and sexy chests my friend.

“Big and fat” may be loveable in a bear way, but what women really find sexy is the mind first – and then … if you ask ANY woman – she’ll tell you -the slim sexy guys with toned waists, midsections, lower backs – and … chests!

And muscular back, strong arms…

All of these, my friend, you’ll get ’em if you do the workouts in Sissy Workouts (double purpose for the book – no pun!).

But it’s so sexy, the sheer LUST with which she was caressing his CHEST! (she wasn’t faking it either).

And as a cuck, your best place would be behind him, licking his asshole, tongue DEEP IN!

Ass Worship 101 basically!

That movie has plenty of “suck my cock you ho” dialogs, so it fits!

No pun!

I didnt finish the movie. Maybe tonight.

And thats that.

Be sure to pick up Cuck Central if you’re wanting to turn into a true cuck and have your wife, or S.O. join in – NO, just “pushing it on her” aint gonna work, and you know it. There are subtle mind tips combined with the practical that really work, and the book above is the golden ticket to showers of cum to cum … Hehe.


Mike Watson

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