Socks and – FEET! ?

Well, femdom wise, the day started off so well – around 11 AM or noon for me, which I know. I deserve a SMACK to the back of the head for waking up that late. I’m sure Madam Priyanka would have administered one, And Pooja Ma’am probably one to the BALLS!


I spoke a bit to the Japanese Goddess, who of course only gives me time when she has a new update to post, but she does it so sweetly, and she’s so NATURALLY – key! – dominating in a culture where most think the girls are submissive, that, and her “natural woman” style “everyday girl you see, your neighbor perhaps!” is what is such a turn on!

At this point, she could probably put her shit on a plate and give it to me and make me beg to eat it, so perfect is she, and no, I ain’t into SCAT – at all!


Such a Queen, I’ll see if I can share more of her stuff here.

Before that, of course, Madam Paula with another great promo and update, this time Indian femdom related!

She is SO NICE!

And she hits the nail on the head every time, no pun intended, and we are truly on the same wavelength. A short while ago, I was telling her (and affiliates, listen up, she is one, and a most dedicated and devoted one, the best I’ve ever had – NO pun!) or THINKING of telling her to create her own website which I’d help out with, of course, but … then I figured its best she gets the idea herself.

Sure enough, Madam did, and sent me her site today as well – and it looks great! Work in progress obviously, but she is making quick, very quick indeed progress, and we’ll put her site in the “partners” link as well below when it’s ready (should be soon).

Anyway …………..

Socks, and feet?

I remember being in India in 2003, driving a car with those old fashioned stereo’s, with “Radio Mirchi” a radio show in Hindi blaring out of the speakers, a lovely – well, her attitude – a girl and a guy, equally friendly, but I remember Madam more, she was more often on! – sharing interesting commentary while playing songs to people driving – I remember listening on the way to work (I worked there for six months at the time).

And one of the jokes Madam made …

In Indian winters, especially in the North, it can be harsh – very cold!

And most places have no heating like we’re used to, I remember my FEET freezing for one as I sat there in dress shoes and socks.

Some girls, of course, would never wear socks.

Those lovely feet, gotta show ’em off!

And that is what the lady was poking fun at . 

“Ab Fashion ke vajah se moje nahi dale to meri kya galti hai” 

Its not my fault if you didnt wear socks, bitch, and are now freezing!

I love how women can call each other bitch, and not men – I simply love it! As a sissy, I SO SIMPLY LOVE IT!

Anyway, she didnt say that on radio, but that was the gist and she was right, now today, as I see Indian women in socks all around me, especially with those lovely pink salwars setting it off, I remember what Ms Priyanka and Madam Pooja (not Pooja Memsahib…JI! That happened years later!) (wheel comes full circle always!) ….. did to me once after a tennis match.

(Pooja is also wearing socks, so she should! Muah xxo)

Or maybe just Ms Priyanka, yes, just her….

Socks – maybe they cover the feet, but the toes are still visible, and those socks can get so sweaty, I’d so worship them!

And its all about her attitude, not just her soles, boy.


And even if I never saw her feet, her soles, I’d worship the shoe – or sock clad foot, I’d give her massages all day anyway, like I told Madam Taylor, she is such a Queen (the Japanese Goddess) – she SO deserves it!

Not just feet, I’d rub her head, shoulders, back – all of it! ?

So it is with these lovely Indian ladies, ALL ladies in fact – I am SO privileged to SERVE!

And thats that, my friend. If you haven’t yet picked up some of our tales on Chinese femdom and Indian femdom, well, what are you waiting for?

Do so NOW.

And if you’ve been on the list for ages, never have any intention of taking any action, then just do us both a favor and unsubscribe, clearly you’re at the wrong place!

And thats that.

Paye lagu, Madam ji. You’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – Taking  her socks off, washing her feet, that FIRST rub of the HAND against the unwashed sole is always special, I’ve so written about it so much – and I highly recommend it, so mentally stimulating, it will put you the sub into new states of submissiveness – and her – she will feel her dominance being enhanced MORE!

Anyway …. a lady I’d often do this for would be Garima Madam, this series is truly a gem and will teach you a lot about true and real femdom – check it out NOW.

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