Why a professionally trained Geisha Girl might just dominate you the BEST!

And most naturally.

I’ve often said NATURAL femdom when it’s least expected, in the flow of every day life should be the real goal for all interested in it, and ultimately, that degree of keeping it real is what really DOES It long term – and EMBLAZONS the femdom lifestyle into you the sub – and her the Domina – more than anything else.

More than “play” and then over ever could (though there is nothing necessarily wrong with that concept either).

24/7 femdom taken to an extreme is not possible, neither is the watered down version practical for most.

But coming back home to a clean house, slamming one foot down irritably on the servant’s shoulder and the other in lap – or a bowl of warm water like I made sure to keep for Madam Pearl – instantly IGNORING The sub who has drinks ready, flicking on the TV, or just relaxing while being served like royalty, as Madam Ivy Bao once so nicely put it.

“Of course she would, everyone would love it!” 

She’s right.

Subs too!

Hard to NOT get used to it if you’re a true femdom lover – from either standpoint.

Now, geisha girls are professionally trained to please – traditionally – MEN.

And some of the common misconceptions about them – that they dole out sexual favors, that they’ll do “anything” – and so forth.

That it’s OK to “touch them where they dont want to be” – and so forth.


It’s not.

There is a fine line between them “pleasing the men by doing what women do naturally – by being “submissive”, but that submissiveness comes up with a knowledge of what men LIKE and innate dominance too!”

I’ve often said you have to be on both ends of the spectrum to really dole out – or Administer!

And it’s true!

And geisha girls … well, they are!

While they themselves may not have been – or some may have been – on the submissive end of the spectrum fully, they sure know what the male thinks in that regard. Hehe.

It could be Paula, an older lady trained in it.

It could be …well, the Japanese Goddess I keep writing about – probably trained in it too!

It could be anyone, but trust me, so called submissive women are sometimes best poised and placed to put YOU in your place, BOY .

And this is true in mainland China as well.

Move over the myth of submissive Chinese women, if it was ever there…

And my book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” should be literally taken as the LODESTONE in that regard. Pathblazing, so it should be like all my other work on femdom and all related.

And this applies to ALL women, by the way …

In China they have their own equivalents of the Geisha, politics aside – there is a lot of similarity between Chinese and Japanese culture in general.

Anyway ……….

If you’re truly into femdom, you’ll want to read all about how I was dominated in so many delightful ways by these delightful Chinese women …

And this idea came to me, I must admit, well, these thoughts – while I was nicely stretched out in a sissy position which so opens my flexibility up to take you know what even more!

Sissy Workouts features this workout as one of the primary ones.

This too is a book many have been queing up for, I dont blame you.

Some have expressed interest, then not DONE i.e. not placed the pre-order.

Whichever category you fall into, place the pre-order for this now as well, you wont want to miss it.

And that is that.

Back soon!

Wouldn’t you just suck on her sweaty insoles if she told you to, boy?



Mike Watson

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