A most interesting analysis of Sissygasm central!

From Joaquin Godoy, a reader who translated the book in Spanish – and whose detail to work is again amazing – thank you for all the comments, Joaquin – it shows you truly CARE about your work!

Literally, people like these, and so many have worked for me, they go above and beyond, the extra mile, and I just love it!

Anyway …

Hi, again.

As expected, the website was not working well, and it didn’t send it yesterday when I sent you the message. However, now it’s up there.

Regarding the book, I have to say that, I’m not that open to explore in that sense mentioned in the book, to that extent I mean. Nevertheless, I will consider some of the items to incorporate to my sexual life, for sure.

I’m also a feet-enjoyer, female ones, and clean if possible; so there might be some submissive side within me I’m not aware of that needs to be discovered.

Lastly, I think that it stuck to me the idea of, as long as you are comfortable with your S.O., or whoever you are doing it with, it is on the right track. It didn’t feel imposed, that is also what I’m trying to say, and your personality transmits part of that (thing I noticed on DMs too) which felt that you just wanted the best for who is reading regardless they orientation. And so, it was an interesting and different type of reading.

Wish you the best for the next books to come,


And thats an interesting one, isnt it?

Hi Joaquin,

Thanks for the intuitive review on this one – much appreciated!

If you’re into feet, then somewhere, someplace, there is SOME submissiveness in you – especially if you’re into soles, which I imagine you are! You’d have loved the sole show I saw this afternoon, happens all the time, I’m working out outside, and ladies sitting in the sun, showing those lovely feet … enough said, hehe. instant you know what!

In any case – yes, exploration is key. I wasn’t that much “enthused” by sissygasms initially despite reading about them for years – but the first time I got that finger in “probing”, as it says in the book and was translated SO well, hehe – a “new me” awakened – literally!

It is only by gently exploring and pushing our “limits” (and most are self imposed) – and that happens with an open mind, obviously – that we can discover new horizons both in terms of life – and sexuality – and the results follow!

And yes, not “imposing” it on anyone is key. SSC is what I always go by ie safe, sane and CONSENSUAL – and all parties should enjoy doing it, or what is the point. Hehe.

So yes, the sub could be into being a sissy – or not – as we discussed – there is no pressure on him either way, same thing for the dom doing it, who could experience that same pleasure himself!

This book is purely about making men realize the power that “P spot” has – and the sheer bliss one can get from stimulating that area correctly – and the realization that numerous, repeated orgams need NOT be enjoyed by biological females alone!

Not to mention all the other mental and spiritual benefits that come from stimulating the chakras this way, as you know, there are plenty.

Thanks again for the great work Jo (if I might call you that) – much appreciated!

Mike Watson

And thats that, my friend.

Truly, this book is for EVERYONE.

It will awaken levels of pleasure and awareness (and cosmic awareness and REALIZATION) in you that you have NEVER experienced before, period, in a WAY you never have before – NO pun intended.

Get it NOW.


Mike Watson

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