Whats up?

Hi Everyone,

Lots of you – in fact, if you’re getting this email, chances are excellent and second to NONE that you’ve not only signed up for this list (sometimes multiple times) – but have also repeatedly added a lot of products to your cart, which is great!

However, despite the “burgeoning” (no pun intended, hehe) interest in all of this, as it should be – a  lot of you have omitted to complete the final ALL important step – the SALE!

Clearly the intent is there, based upon what I can see in my analytics “data never lies”.

So this is a shout out to ALL of you – lots of you wanted to place pre -orders for Sissy Workouts, for one.

Some of you wanted other things – all in your cart, saved and ready for you …

My point is this – if there is something “stopping” you from taking that final plunge – write back – LET ME KNOW what it is!

In terms of the near future, the VERY near future – going ahead – we’re planning on setting up SMS updates and a lot more for you loyal customers out there – but we need FEEDBACK – and your support in order to keep going the way we are.

So write back – if there is a product you’ve added to your “cart” repeatedly, but have not checked out and bought i.e. the “all important final step” – then write back, and LET ME KNOW the reason!

Feel free to be frank about this.

Dont be coy!

I’m awaiting YOUR response…


Mike Watson

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