The girls were stronger than me! Muah, aren’t they always. Hehe. ? (and a bit on a “Schofield like FREAKO!”)

I saw a meme today which sums up perfectly, well, my feeling upon seeing what most girls feel when they see the idiotic Twitter DM’s etc most guys send them.

Here’s one Glyn Bozo likely sent (y’all on this list know him, right?) –

“you’re so lovely and beautiful! can I have your number?” Or some rot like that…

With idiotic messages like this, is it any wonder that women in general are leery of logging on and talking to MEN in general?

I mean, at least show some BRAINS, guys!

Anyway, the meme I saw today …

It was two commodes – right next to each other – with the wall (divider between them) photoshopped out most likely …

Now, who would want something like this?

I’m sure a freak like the one mentioned above! ?

Anyway …

that reminds me of when I was taking a dump in college once, 5th floor of the library. And I;ll admit it, I often jerked off in the bathroom there – those girls were too hot! Hehe.

Anyway, I still remember taking a dump, doing my thing … and WHAT!

I saw a pair of eyes peering at me in a nasty manner.

An old man, as soon as it registered, he took off.

I looked for him later, nowhere to be found.

Nasty little peeping tom he was, that is exactly the sort women like to avoid!

And …  this meme reminded me of that …

Anyway, another lovely memory from India in addition to the one above –

In eleventh, or I think 12th grade, I took P.E. as an elective.

Now, in stark contrast to my physical culture lifestyle now (my Indian friend has done a superb job – thank you, Sir!) … back THEn I was a puny weakling.

Fitness wise, I’d desperately want the secrets to get STRONG – and fit!

But I didnt know – and didnt have the environment to get strong – anywhere near fit for that matter, and my parents of course didnt know either – or they weren’t interested in it. “Exercise” was for “those people”, for me it was always study, study, study …

Hence my lack of physical development growing up, though of course it resulted in one good thing – my writing, my reading, all of those abilities shot through the roof.

The wheel is coming full circle now, I wrote about that on another site!

Anyway – i remember the P.E. exam.

And when it was time to throw the shot put?

The girls threw it farther than me!

My friends were irritated, and prodded me.

“Come on Mike, do better, those girls are bettering us!”


Nothing wrong with strong women – in every regard!

And today, as I train girls as young as 9 in physical culture, I tell them one thing.

“You CAN be stronger than boys, and you will be!” 

And so it should be, my friend.

So it should be!

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You’ll love ’em.


Mike Watson

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