Ma’am, I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO gay!

So I am, can be, despite … well, we wont get into technicalities here and talk about why I dont like the term gay or classifications like that!

Just, I dont know.

Perfect Rachna Ma’am was looking even more perfect today than she does when she is SLOVELY.

Today she dressed up to meet “friends” – or colleagues apparently.

And while she had plenty of food that’ll make her fart later probably – which she’d do anyway. hehe – its her make up – all of it – and the high heels – complete with the ANKLET – and … well, all of it, the clothes, the colors, the tight salwars I so love … all of it, the red lipstick, all of it looked great,

but as she lay down in bed, feet up … those SOLES!


STRAIGHT ON MY FACE, they cover the face SO WELL!

“Ma’am, please take my money”, I SO want to beg – funnily enough thats an affirmation Madam uses. 

Now, I wouldn’t recommend using that sort of affirmation – most are useless anyway – especially the ones the gurus talk about in terms of attracting money as well because they’re all missing TWO key aspects – reality – and feeling.

You can say “you’re rich” all you like for instance but the only people you’ll likely make rich by repeating that nonsense to yourself is the guru who taught you that, and you’ll probably make yourself poorer.

I’ve seen it happen SO OFTEN …

Reality and feeling are key, and truly WANTING IT FROM THE INSIDE OUT – the way I attract femdom to me, for instance.

Anyway, NOT all affirmations are garbage.

The ones here work … big time!

And back to femdom – well, with her feet on my face, those sly and frustrated eyes laughing. “finally” accepting my “gayness” – … and what I’d want as she slaps my cock and balls? With soles on face?

The same thing I talk about in Sin City Diaries that a massuese rightly guessed!

“Ni Xi Huan Nan Ren ma”?

Do you like men, I still remember those inquisitive SPARKLING eyes asking, this even when I was NOT thinking of cock. Well, other than my own .Hehe . With two girls massaging you, gotta! (this was I believe the same girl I wrote bout in the same series who did the motherly “Hmmmmm!” when I made a huge mess the first time she met me – mess in my pants, of course. Hehe).

Rachna Ma’am is BRUTAL when finger fucking me.

She doesnt even use lube sometimes – NOT the way I recommend in Sissygasm Central, but then again, I’m well used to being a sissy, so for me its OK. (but not if you’re starting out).

But right now, I just want to stare at those soles, and babble away yes Ma’am, I’m so gay, I’m so gay, kiss the tired BALLS of the feet, and I dont know, just admire the splendor of Madam’s soles, she’s that GORGEOUS! 

And I so want her MIDDLE FINGER IN ME, my prostrate is literally beckoning, even if it doesnt touch it, swollen as it, probably even the outside would do, MY! 

And looking just SO PERFECT TODAY ….

Those red lips, that SNEER!



I’m about to cum right now and I didnt even touch my self!

To learn more about this lady, go here.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – And of course, Ma’am, please take my money! 

Giving her money while worshipping her -0 SUCH A RUSH!


Ma’am, Please. Ma’am PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I mean, I could literally talk all year about this! MY!)

Ma’am, oh, MA’am (the DESPERATION only a true FOOTBOY KNOWS!())) Typo not but intended!

FOCUS ON THE SOLES, boy, TALK TO THEM, but I Can see her eyes and that MOUTH! MY!

And Submissive Musings in mainland China is a perfect example, ALL of you, regardless or not of whether findom is a thang for you will love it.

This post was originally slated to be on but I put it here.

BOTH lists shall get it, so be it!

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