I dreamt of the lovely Aa Ling again last night. No HJ, no BJ, NOTHING!

And I was SOOOOOOOOOO upset! Hehe.

Anyway, this lovely dream came in the early hours of the morning, as most of my most profound and lucid ones do, I HAD to write it down. I just had to, as I do all my dreams.

They’re written in a version of cursive that you might not even think is cursive. But hey, I recognize it, so thats what counts!

It could be years ago I had a dream, when I look at that writing, my subconscious mind brings me the PICTURES from that dream as clearly as if they happened YESTERDAY.

Anyway – I was there with her. I believe Aa ling?

And she was tongue kissing me as on that first day … or was she?


She had a mouth ulcer, and no tongue kiss, she was in a bad mood!

I believe I “booked” her for six hours or something, three hours in the “morning”, three hours in the afternoon. So it showed up in my dream – I’ll have to look at my notes, but I believe that is what it was.

Suddenly, she looked at the clock.

And she said time was up, and I was like, huh? It’s barely BEGINNING!

But she left, and left me in a truly frustrated state!

I was going to complain, but the big burly bouncer (which is REAL, hehe – they often had them in the bordellos – not mentioned in Sin City Diaries, but they were great guys overall – very polite, friendly and personable, and there to stop any trouble from breaking out which I totally understand) … sort of, well, made me NOT – until a point.

Then a lady I never had a good relationship with – Carmen Yang – showed up. (she was someone I once worked with in China, a true grade A you know what – and NOT in a nices sense either, no fetish!).


Aa ling and Madam left.

Then I finally went to the front desk, where two lovely older ladies were sitting there.

One older than the other, one suspiciously like perfect Madam Susan, right down to the boffy hairdo and the face!

And I spoke to the latter.

Both were initially aloof as is the case in China – until you start speaking Chinese, once a “lao wai” (foreigner) does that or “gui lao”, hehe (foreign devil) does that – the aloofness completely disappears – so quickly you’d be surprised at thinking it was even there in the first place!

And I told her all about what happened.

I paid her, I ranted.

And she smiled, looked at me, and said … the rate is fair for so many hours!

Then I said – but I got nothing!

No HJ, no BJ, not even a kiss, forget about any sex!

And she raised her eyebrows – that surprised her a bit!


Nothing at all, I said. She wouldn’t even kiss me. She was in a foul mood, maybe she was “on the rag” (is the terminology that showed up in my dream) – I prefer using the word “period” …

And the two ladies laughed!

The younger of the two smiled at me, and said he knows a lot about women!

The older one kept comforting me.

The man at the front desk, slim, shirtless, he smiled, shook his head.

“He knows too much about women!” 

And the cop they paid off to keep the CCP from raiding the place grinned and said “maybe we should take him to the women’s cell anyway!” …

(he was kidding).

Anyway …….. I had many more dreams, but I kept wondering what the purpose of THIS dream was!

Until, well, I woke up finally and saw what one of our affiliates, the lovely Paula Banda Rendon whom we all know by now did on her Youtube!

Check this out – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi6AESFJ2lY

Now, sure, the links aren’t clickable – YET.

But I’ve sent her a tutorial on how to do that.

And I’ve asked her to talk about the book in her own voice, how much she liked it – and sent her a link to the reviews page etc … and so on and so forth.

So, you guys might want to subscribe to her channel – she is truly knowledgeable – and remember, she is a trained “pro” at this in some aspects – she has actively trained to become a geisha.

And now I know why I had that dream. Hehe. Perhaps along with all the trouble she’s having with tech support from another site – that part of it manifested in advance, as it always does, in my dream in a manner that only Carmen would understand, hehe. I still remember the case of the visa done late, the cops yelling at me … and … well, it wasn’t my fault, but!


This – when I woke up and thought about it, brought back memories of real life, the sex part of that detailed in Sin City Diaries (I forgot which Volume, maybe one).

One fine evening I was off to meet a lovely lady at the bordello. I was ready, showed up, everything … only to find what?

That the place had shut down for maintenance without advance notice. Or maybe they did provide it, I didnt understand it since it was in Chinese.

I complained, but no use. The lovely wooden saunas were all broken down ..

I kept complaining to the front desk.

And a lovely older lady came to me and sat (almost) in my lap, and pretty much asked me to “take her”.

And she was lovely, I would have, but I came for another girl (much like what happened once when I came for Aa ling, they brought another girl out, but I wanted Aa Ling, and they sent her after that. and the SMILE on her face i.e. “he chose me over her!” made it SO WORTH IT! Of course I would Madam!) …

… and the older lady did all she could to pacify me.

They even hooked  me up with a girl who hadn’t left as yet and she was willing to do all that was required but by then the mood had gone, the evening was getting on, so I left, went home …

I dont know, it isn’t just perfect Madam Susan and all the lovely other dominanting ladies I write about – the older ones in particular, its followed me my whole life, and I so love it.

And that, my friends is that …

If you haven’t gotten your mitts on “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” as yet , you need to stop procrastinating and do so NOW.

And to attract femdom to yourself on auto pilot, well, you truly do owe it to yourself to get the book on it HERE.

Thats that!


Mike Watson

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