Sissy commandment Numero UNO!

Dear Reader,

So, I just came across a hilarious (indeed) meme which states the “symptoms of Coronavirus” to be “Sweating, weakness, Diarrhea and Stomach pain”.

Against a black background — the meme inspires “seriousness” … until you scroll down to the bottom and see this written –

“Pretty much the same feeling you get when the wife checks your phone!”

Ha, ha, and as I sent that to Madam Alexa, she laughed too.

“I will probably never be able to find that out!” she commented.

“Probably not … unless your future sub is your “wife”, I laughed. “But even then “she” probably wouldn’t have permission anyway!”, I said, laughing again.

You know who Madam Alexa is, I’m sure (for those of you that are avid readers of my daily newsletters).

She’s the lady whose feet — and more importantly MIND — drove me nigh insane from the day I started to talk to her online — so much so that I once put her feet as a wallpaper on my phone — and in full view of my female students it landed up in as it were.

That was embarrassing enough, of course — and I’ve written about THAT experience before, but for now, know that Madam Alexa is young, gorgeous and oh-so-naturally dominant — and most importantly, one of the most intelligent young ladies I’ve met.

Truly a pleasure talking to her, and more! If I had to be sissified like I do deserve … 😉 there is NO better person to do it than HER.

And as Sissy Central, my latest “offering”, hehe, if I might use the term starts to really TAKE OFF (note — if you’re interested in sissification and/or related fantasies — this is a MUST grab!) — a thought struck me.

Sissy Central — by Mike Watson

Something that Princess Tina mentioned a few days when giving me a Chinese name … and an English name of “Rose” (doesn’t it smell and sound “sweet”? hehe).

And something we talk about all the time.

Often times as she’s sitting on that lovely sofa of hers with feet up, busy on her mobile phone (while I’m in the kitchen busy with something or the other), she’ll yell out loudly, as if talking to a real servant.

“Shui, Pu ren!”

(Water, servant … Hurry up!!) (That last bit of “hurrying up” is if she’s irritated due to some reason — or if I’m tardy).

“You’re the perfect husband, Madam”, I often tell her. “You relax and drink wine while I cook and clean. You order me to cook exactly the sort of food YOU like — and eat with you! You have “sex” — but only when it comes to penetrating me!”

There’s more, of course, and it brings a real, genuine blush to my (already made up, hehe) face when I tell Princess this — and it’s always followed by peals of laughter (initially of the “surprised” sort — and now of the “confident, genuine amusement” type!).

And this brings me to sissy rule numero uno — #1 — and if I had to sum up more than a few of the “rules” I laid out in Sissy Central — it is this — BE the perfect WIFE for her, hehe.

Make her your “husband” — literally — but make sure to also make sure she has her cake and eats it too when she decides to revert back to being a “woman” (in terms of wanting sexual fulfilment that you can never provide her with!).

As I was discussing with Alexa, role reversals are indeed very interesting — especially when the woman becomes the “man” — — and when she enjoys HAVING her cake — and eating it too! That last bit is key too, by the way — and it’s of course and obviously a cornerstone of true femdom I refer to so often.

Well, my friend — thats it for now. If you’re a sissy currently — make sure to be the perfect wife for her — and keep improving!


Mike Watson

Cock worship for SISSIES and FAGGOTS — by Mike Watson

P.S. — While I just mentioned one of the cornerstones of true femdom, there are plenty more the budding male sub needs to understand — and WELL at that if he’s at all serious about finding the right Dominant lady — — and those rules are laid out right HERE — —

P.S #2 — Also, and remember, I recently came out with a book on COCK worship for true SISSIES — and you faggots out there too — from a femdom/maledom perspective! Truly something in this GEM for everyone … you’ll want to grab it NOW.

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And then on Medium here – hehe – … thats the “canonical link”, I believe Google refers to it as …

And much like ole Watson in Serving an Indian Goddess, we’re coming full circle here again.

Dont we all – always.

So we should.


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