“Women are always right, no reason, no logic!”

Princess Sophia was tutoring me a bit last night – on things I already know, but with her, I listen to her anyway. Hehe.

they just need to be cared while falling in love with guys, if you always wanna argue with them, fight with them, win over them, they’d rather dating with ex

Like Princess Sophia, I said.

“unfortunately he’s dead!” 

Oh my. That took it to another level, I truly thought that ..

“in my heart”, she riposted. 


That I get, Madam!

Anyway, I was having a bit of a misunderstanding with Madam Nandini, so I told – well, who else, Princess Sophia about it!

And she literally peppered the conversation with a lot of “how to”s, to-do’s, which included getting her flowers (oddly enough, later that night I was watching a movie where a serial killer offs movie critics – and he’s actually a FLORIST in real life, and quite a romantic one at that, which is how he meets the girl, and… Hehe. Another Bollywood movie, pretty well done I thought, and some English too – yay!). . . and of course, a lot of “you idiot!” when I said something I shouldn’t have – just to hear you say “you fool”! Hehe.

All so nice.

And thats what makes femdom so nice – in another way!

It’s another excuse to Tom Tom female superiority which I do all the time anyway, but as a male submissive, I have full license and excuse to take it to giddy limits, so it should be!

Anyway – I told her about Nandini Ma’am’s lovely mother too. Hehe.

Oddly enough, that same scene repeated itself in the movie I saw, with the lovely older lady putting her feet up – and painting her toenails – while her daughter was having a romantic conversation with the serial killer (who she didnt know was a killer at the time).

Indeed interesting how life pans out!

And Madam would NOT give her daughter privacy despite the latter asking, doubt the latter really wanted. I was just so focused on her feet though, I’d love to press Madam’s feet!


Anyway … all of this aside.

A certain lovely  Paula has been busy not just reading, but translating a lot of our books as this list KNOWS.

Madam is also promoting us willy nilly on many online platforms – including FB, luckily they haven’t offloaded it as yet due to it being “erotica”. Hehe.

Anyway, if you needed another excuse to sell as an affiliate with us, all of the above, and perhaps what Paula says is enough – I’ll show you beneath …

(and remember, current affiliates – MORE and more products WILL be added to the center, so please keep checking back and WRITE BACK if you want a specific product to be there, and it isn’t already! Remember, use your affiliate link to promote, not other links, as that way the sale gets attributed to your account.)

Good afternoon Mike! The answers to your questions: Yes, the sale is online on Facebook. I have also put you on my cover as a fixed publication. I send you a photo. I’m sorry, but people know me on this platform. In defense of Facebook, I can tell you that 99.9% of people lead double lives, so you will be seen here, even if you think you won’t. Remember, appearances are deceiving. If I get to have a website, I will announce your books and let you know. Today I give you the latest translated books. I say goodbye to you and thank you. For anything, you can send me an email to:  <chopped>

Never say Goodbye, Princess – until next time is what I prefer! And thats what I told her, along with ..

… well, along with what I just told you guys about, and of course, this –

YES, spot on – most people lead double lives to an extent – to what extent of course depends upon them, which is of course another reason I do what I do, i.e. “being comfortable with who one is and bringing it out in the open as far as possible”.

And that seems to be a great note to end this one so I will!

All translated books are available here, more added daily as the Amazon links go up (we only sell translations via Amazon for ease of accounting).

ENGLISH language books, well, we all know where to go for those – and there’s plenty, tons to choose from, do so NOW!

Back soon.


Mike Watson

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