Cucked, sissified, the “perfect” example! Hehe.

So it should be, of course! ???

I’ve written books on this.

Sissy Central is by far a bestseller and outperforms anything other like it on the market – there IS nothing like it, to be honest.

And all my other books and manuals too, if you want to learn about femdom and all (fetish) related, truly, this is the BEST place to do so …

Anyway, sometimes I see things that I just have to say – WOW. She said it so well!

And here’s one –

I am dating a nerd uncle. Partner woke up at 8am to do extensive research on our washing machine to make it more “efficient”???IS NOW WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO ENSURE HE ISNT MISSING OUT ON FEATURES WHILE I WAIT FOR HIM TO MAKE BREAKFAST ugh
its been 2 hours… and he is still doing this…apparently we have a weird washing machine as it top load machine with a detergent dispenser????


So perfect!

I love how Madam calls him “nerd uncle”.

Think about it, he wakes up early – probably rubs her feet at night – she complains about everything to him, he listens – he does the stuff “men” should be doing (except perhaps SEX, hehe, which is why she calls him nerdy and “Uncle”) …

… he worships her like a Queen and Goddess like he should, she controls the money like she should – hey, he even cooks breakfast, and perhaps three square meals a day and more!

And Madam sits on the bed, does nothing, on her phone – and best part?

She’s on Youtube supervising him even though she KNOWS NOTHING about the task at hand.

Women are always superior! Hehe. ? (dont ask me what the result of this would be – well, its evident, lol from her second tweet – but he’s happy with her supervison though she’s the last person “qualified to do it” – and yet – Madam IS qualified to do it, best part, she knows it too!)

Nothing like having one’s cake and eating it too- makes me so happy to see it. Hehe.

I should have replied with something like “what a good cuck he is”, or something, but that of course isn’t the right approach. Madam wouldn’t like me saying that – and why? I believe I mention this in an indirect manner in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”, I mean, to simplify it – she has a MAN! How dare you call him a cuck! Hehe… ?

So it should be, of course.


Anyway, what DID I reply with?

“Princess, you need a certain Glyn Schofield (aka #bozoschofield) by your side”, I went. “He wouldn’t just look at the machine for ages, he’d live in IT – and more”. Hehe. 

This lunatic, I dont know if I mentioned it, I mean this list and a certain Madam Josie amongst a host of others is well aware of his lunacy otherwise (and his tiny dick, of course, hehe), but in terms of washing machine, since I cannot remember if I mentioned it to this list -here goeth –

Back in the day, when he was still infesting China, every time he’d move into a new apartment – it would be a running joke in the “Keeping it real” group – because you knew a drunken Glyn rant, replete with throwing “beer bottles off 11th floors of Chinese dorm rooms” (poor China, hehe) was coming.

Not only that, he seemed to attract the worst luck when it came to washing machines – they’d never work, or he’d get the semi automatic kind assigned to him in the monkey jobs he so loved. (well, needed, I should say).

Dont believe me – ask any of the dudes in that group – or a certain Josie, or any other chick, hehe.

They’ll all happily affirm to Bozo’s lunacy, whether or not they agree with me on other matters, or anything at all, is a different tale. Hehe.

“The Washing machine doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Damn thing wont work!”

“I can’t wash my clothes!”

The Bozo would rant about this sort of thing forever – all night long if you can believe that while swigging cheap roadside Chinese liqor and god only knows what else.

Anyway, Bozo certainly ain’t the perfect sissy or cuck – which is yet another reason he gets roundly booted/blocked or both.

I mean, he’s never around when needed anyway, when needed for chores, he’s always “in ass” for one, what a loser! ?

Anyway  – – assholes, asswads (pun on both) and loonies aside, Sissy Central is the BEST resource for any budding sissy – my friend, if you want to turn into the sissy of your dreams, someone she will really “love” as a sissy – well, THIS book is the best way to do it.

Get it NOW.

And write back with an honest review too!


Mike Watson

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