Why I LOVE Madam’s cracked heels!

(PS – at the outset, this was first written on Jun 14, 2020 – canonical link HERE – https://medium.com/@spicyanderoticfetish/why-i-love-madams-cracked-heels-696b8d9ac693 – but since the dumbasses at Medium banned it – hehe, here goeth!)

(and PS #2 – if you can guess whose heels come FIRST in the picture – you get a special prize! No, they’re not Bao Bao Ma’am’s, hehe).

Because they scream worship . . . BOY!

Thats right. Worship!

And as I can hear Madam Bao cackling away at this, looking at me with THAT look in the eye — along with Madam Sophia, my next door neighbor, the lovely Miss V (another real life neighbor) and many, many more other gorgeous and utterly dominant women that I seemingly attracted to myself like moths to a flame, one thought comes to mind out of ALL the others!

Thank you, MADAM!

My place is ALWAYS at your feet — actually, UNDER them! 😉

Know your place, BOY!

And it’s true, my friend. If you’re a true femdom lover, THAT, more than anything else should be at the TOP of your mind (and I mean your BRAIN — not your little head, boy!).

It’s always about her, boy. The rest follows thereafter, and that’s just a fact of like the true femdom lover must accept to truly experienced the JOYS of being taken in hand and OWNED, lock (pun intended! ;), stock . . . and BARREL!

And as for cracked heels?

Well, they’re sexy as hell because . . .

  1. They’re her feet! They’re HER soles! And no matter what they deserve worship and OBESINANCE. And if I have to tell you why, you probably do NOT need to be at this page, my friend.
  2. And 2 . . . because they scream WORSHIP.

Lots of literature has been written about well pampered and pedicured soles for women, and how it “turns subs on”, and so forth and I don’t necessarily have an issue with that, especially if, and as Madam Angie made me do so often, the sub (male) is PAYING for said service.

What a rush indeed! 😉

Findom, I love YOU — and the ladies that so graciously assent to DISPENSING their own unique brand of findom (and yes, each lady is UNIQUE ;)).

Madam, you’re a true QUEEN and a GODDESS, and you deserve to be WORSHIPPED! Paye lagu Madam!

But, where is TRUE femdom in all this?

What about the lady that didnt have time to go to the foot massage parlor, or salon to get her feet done?

What about the lady thats been on her feet all day, and her feet STINK?

What about the lady that’s been wearing high heels all day and her soles still smell, even after a shower?

And what about a lady that DOES NOT have a willing sub as yet to . . .

You get the picture, boy.

Women are all women, and are all SUPERIOR to males, and they ALL deserve to be worshiped, and MORE so (initially) if they’ve got cracked heels (my thoughts that is) . . . because they need to be pampered ASAP! As does the woman in question.

A man’ place truly IS under a woman’s foot . . . forever, and it’s your privelge as a sub to see her dirty, calloused feet and soles — and turn them into the most beautiful ever, as she relaxes . . . confident and oh-so-sexily DOMINANT in her CONTROL over you!

Her utter control . . .

As I looked at my significant other’s feet (her soles), actually resting as she was on the computer doing some work (yes, Madam does HER OWN work, hehe ?) — something just struck me.

Something struck me as I was writing my daily newsletters — completely FREE, by the way, for your femdom lovers, and you can sign up right here.

And that something was — Madam Bao, and her lovely yet cracked heels, and much more . . .

Ms. Bao, for those that don’t know is featured in Sin City Diaries — Volume #3, and rightfully so.

She is the lady that called me out of the blue for a massage, and insisted I get one when I did NOT really want one . . . and by sheer dint of her forceful attitude ensured I got anything but a ‘relaxing’ massage.

For what it’s worth, those massages where the girls come home are generally ‘happy ending’ massages. You, the reader of Sin City knows that, but this lady did anything but give me a happy ending as you’ll see in the book, hehe, and had me groveling for MORE.


Well, ruined orgasms (or partial orgasm) and LAZINESS are part of it, my friend, and I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag fully. After all, Madam Bao deserves better, and that’s what the book is for . . .

But the one thing I do remember as she swung her legs up laughingly and said “your girlfriend will be very lucky!” (as I paid HER for a massage and yet started to “press her feet” — I couldn’t help it!) is her cracked heels.

Thats your place, BOY!

Clearly what I was doing surprised her, but she KNEW it deep down inside (which is why the rest of it happened as it did).

And clearly she had never had a man, or anyone pay attention (or as much of it) to the bottom of her feet as I was, especially her cracked soles, which she was doing her level best to pull away and hide, at least initially (and after the first “press”, she was comfortable enough to let me do it, hehe, and bask in her SHEER dominance — as she should!).

And my dick just grew harder and harder, and she wasn’t giving me a real handjob as she should.

Madam, please do it harder, I whined, and she looked at me in an annoyed manner, and started to . . .

. . . but that LOOK was enough!

I erupted — — truly a RUINED (or partial) orgasm that kept me horny and while that ain’t the whole story that should explain why I literally begged her to return one more time — this after she didn’t even give me the full time I had paid for, hehe.

She knew I was a pushover, and took full advantage, and she should, ah, but where were we?

Well, cracked heels my friend are a real turn on for me and I suspect any true femdom lover because to me it signifies ‘yet another woman’ getting on the dominant bandwagon.

IT signifies that woman in general are WAY superior to men — even a lady of the night to her client!

And it ALSO signifies that ever man should be always under a woman’s foot, and do what Madam Susan once told me so haughtily, yet classily . . .

Talk to her soles, boy! Get to know them better than yourself!

Yes, they’re calloused and dirty, BOY. And yes, you WILL Worship them!

And it’s true, and as I massaged Madam Bao’s feet as she literally laughed at the paying client groveling in front of her, and took full advantage of me by a) denying my orgasm and b) leaving early and c) being braty in general (none of which she would have normally done with a REAL Man — exactly the opposite, hehe, much like the other ladies I’ve mentioned in Sin City Diaries) . . . my thoughts just were of one thing.

And I asked her.

“Madam, may I please buy you some foot lotion?”


And the guffaws that she emitted . . . well, let me just say that was the icing on the cake.

And did I buy her that lotion?

Well, you’ll have to check out the book to find out — but for now, that’s why I love cracked heels as much as pampered soles and heels — because it reminds me even moe abruptly that she is there for a reason — to be worshipped, and that’s it!

Like the Goddess she always was, is, and WILL BE! ?

Thank you, Madam! Much appreciated.


Mike Watson

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