Sophia Maa’m deleted my wechat! ????

She’s lovely, from the girl who “I’ll delete you if you EVER send me a dick picture” (while chatting with other guys about it)  – to this lovely girl (even lovelier) who never deletes me, but looking at the following she deleted me …

All I did was send her #1.


The second, my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both dongs, cocks are lovely!

But the second (I’ll let YOU decide if theyre the same man – curiously enough, so similar to a stud pounding away at a certain cuckold’s wife – NOW! Hehe) … the second truly deserves the monikor Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots.

I hash tagged it as such on Twitter…

And his dong, thats a weapon a pole, truly – his MEMBER, it’s so DOMINANT, the head has a life of it’s own, it SPEAKS TO ME – even when so called flaccid, so much BLOOD FLOW TO HIS WEAPON!



I then sent Ma’am this picture (well – I couldn’t send her the second picture above, but when I sent her this, I knew she deleted me) –

I was kinda non plussed, all I was asking was if Sophia Ma’am would put his dick in her mouth, or this lovely South Indian dish – if she had to choose one!

“My daughter has to take the phone for homework”, she sent back.

I dont blame her. Hehe. Actually I keep telling her (though she knows) all this isn’t for kids, and to ALWAYS leave kids out of it in that the kids should NOT be using the dumbphone when I send her stuff like this, which is always, hehe.

Anyway, she said the following to me today.

he’s just an English speaker, a dumbass one

She’s so NICE! Thank you so much for saying that, Sophia Ma’am, the more I talk to you, the more I fall into love sissy soulmate style with you, and you know it, hehe. KNOW, I should say!

Actually, she told her son that when I did not do what I never ever do, get on a call, I’ve made my feelings very clear on that one. Hehe.

A predictable, yet such a lovely response from Madam who was pestering me, as usual to learn English for free – as well as her kids.

Ugh – on the last part, not so much because I dont teach English, but because of her tendency to constantly label all expats as English teachers, and more – what we (me and her) talk about is definitely NOT for kids. I hope she hasn’t shown her kid the whole conversation for one! (which sparked the gentle trolling to follow. hehe)

“I was punishing him!” she went.

And in typical true blue feminist style, of course, “because he was bullying girls at school” – then I asked her what if the girls were at fault?

Now, I’m not so much of a fan of bringing kids into all this, but hey – if he’s actually done something wrong, which I have mixed feelings over, often times both parties are at fault (they’re kids, you know) – then yeah, punish him, if not …

Reminded me of me in seventh grade when a girl was constantly irritating me and taunting me, bullying me, I had enough, all I did was to push my chair back forcefully and it hit her desk, knocking her damn lunch off the desk – but thats it.

The beating I got at home from that – and being forced to stand outside class (with another dude, for another reason) I’ll never forget, much like the brutal beatings handed down to us boys while the girls got away mostly scot free (with the male teachers trying to flirt with them if you can believe it).

True story, my friend, if you’re a fat “VD Agarwal” – “let the climate come in” Bozo, you know it as well. Many of your cohorts do too! I’d name and shame, but nah – I’ll leave that for the … but anyway, Sophia Ma’am, sorry, this is about you and those lovely dicks you love SO!

(though I did tell her how much that made me hate my father, like in Rocky V, the boxer that says “I just think of my Dad when I get in the ring”, and all the rage just comes out, and … well, he hit hard for one!)

(I was slightly more descriptive, but I was being factual, but I’ll spare ya’ll the details, or victuals. Hehe)/

So she was punishing him, then I asked her if I was a dumbass … well, let me copy and paste.

you really said in that language (english) to your son? Or Chinese? 

One question for you, Sophia, for the person that learns from a dumbass, what are they? Dumbass learning from dumbass? LOL

I know this many years ago, she said. 

Then I asked for a direct answer, which I never got …

well, the stupidest thing ever, satisfied?

(and all this is all true, screenshots – and I’m happy to provide some, hehe minus the “pic”)

not me be satisfied , that is not the point

I want to know, what do YOU think. Hehe.

So, for example (since I’m a dumbass) – all these people that buy my books, leave me reviews, etc – in many cases, these guys are rich – physically, they have been in the Armed forces, Marines etc – they are martial artists, former wrestlers – these girls (and guys) that learn from my other books etc – all of those people, what are they? Hehe. The stupidest ever to pay money and learn from me, despite their many accomplishments otherwise?

Another example – one that you can understand better, all those Chinese that pay to learn English from me … then in many cases they become my <chopped> – also all dumbasses?

I dont care if the answer satisfies me. I’d like you to think and tell me your honest opinion, that is all.

Third example, Sophia learing English (when she can ) from me. Wait, how can that be possible. SHe is so smart. but she does it anyway …

Now, all of this was some gentle “trolling” back at Madam.

We troll each other all the time, and she calls me a loser all the time, and I love her SO for it!

But I love it when she says these things publicly which it seems I’ve finally gotten around to her doing it on auto pilot except Ma’am, NOT in front of kids. Geez.

But she got it later, she deleted me and rightly so, then added me back when I posed the question, told me why she deleted me, and then …

well, we’ll wait for the answer to that.

I wish I could personally answer “both” to the question.


But my perfect answer would be I’d dip that salami into the sauce, I’d eat the food with it, while taking care my teeth would NOT touch his member, his weapon – s – his balls are those too! I’d even eat out of his ASSHOLE, he’s so perfect, that dick so THICK AND BIG!

(thats not a tip covered in Ass Worship – Volume One, but there’s plenty of other scintillating ones for you ass lovers! xo and Vol #2 on the way). (pre-order page up soon, be on the outlook for that one).

Ass Worship 102 basically, and dont forget Ballbusting 101, goes so well with the above. Get your balls busted, worship HIS…

“Sophia, let me ask you a question”, as I babbled away in true idiot style. 

“You suck me off, or I lick you – if you had to choose one!” 

“YOU LICK ME!” came the response so curt and swift without even the “you idiot” that I know we’ve both been trained so well, and yours truly has done a great job – and on that note – read this too.

And remember, I’ve got a VERY talented tongue – fingers and brain – not necessarily in that order! muah

And it satisfies Sophia Ma’am so well, and as I see Pooja Memsahib outside with that lovely tummy hanging, it reminds me of Samit’s dong too, exact same as this one, but … well darker. Hehe.

ITs lovely!

i’ll post it here later if y’all want, but it’s already in Penis Central. 

See if you can spot it! xoxo muah

And in the meantime, write back with YOUR answer.

And thats that!



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