Choices, choices!

We all gotta make them in life.

Too few people do – most dither, dather, blather, and do NOTHING except gape and stare.

Yours truly has been called a “doer”, someone that takes action – if he wants something, he doesnt waste time thinking, he just DOES it, if he wants to buy something, if he sees a product that will help him, he GETS IT.

That simple.

Time waits for nobody, my friend, decisions made ON THE FLY are decisions real winners in life make.

If you’re content to be a loser and not just fetish wish I understand…

But anyway, sometimes, even I’m tongue tied – PUN!! – for choice!

I mean, sissy, can you choose between these two beneath?

MY, its so hard – pun!

(these are screen grabs from videos, youll have to follow me on twitter for them, Dont miss the SPLASH and SPOOGE AT THE END! ??)

And yes, they’re different dongs, notice carefully, the COLOR FOR ONE …

I cannot figure out which dong to worship first, which one I like better, they’re both so thick hard and manly.


I truly paint my lips for cock like that, every budding sissy shouldn’t just “should” – you MUST!

And you gotta be even more feminine when you encounter BURSTING MANHOOD LIKE THAT!

My book Sissy Central teaches you how to be the perfect Sissy, my friend.

Way too many of you have put off this purchase… which is fine.

But choices, my friend.

This choice you CAN MAKE.

If you want to open the door to utter bliss as a sissy, you start with becoming one – link above.

THEN, you prepare yourself physically too – Sissy Workouts!

Finally – you learn HOW To pleasure real men and sissies both from your hole down there!

And only you can make the choice whether or not to progress to the next level on any of this.

Make yours NOW.


Mike Watson

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