Are guys that simp to every girl sexy?


This one was asked by a (probably hehe) Indian Queen on Twitter.

She said no.

I asked what type of guy was sexy to her, I doubt I’ll get a reply.

But its an interesting one!

In “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” tip four or five, I believe, explains it all – if you read between the lines, and the answer is NOT what you might think it to be, my friend.

It isn’t “yes” – but it IS too.

Well, so what do I mean.

Lets cover the no first, which should be obvious – no woman truly wants her “man” – simp or not – unless she has no feelings for him, in which case its totally different and she would never be calling him her “man” – appreciating other women more than HER.

Fact of life, relationships, spin it any which way, but it’s true, that FEMALE COMPETITION. Hehe.

Women love outdoing each other!

Men do too, but differently, and I dont mean dick size either (on that note, I SO want to suck dick – NOW!)

Especially Master Wang’s, his pubes, so hairy and curly, I really wanna stick my nose into them NOW.

I could literally be ROMANTIC WITH HIS PUBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY! KISSIE! Master, you’re SO NICE!

I’d literally kiss each one!

Feel his dong tip against the BACK of my throat, that hot load SPLASHING … oh MY!

Men with long cocks are SO SEXY! Sophia Ma’am agrees too as you might think, hehe.

But anyway, that aside (and get the linked product now, you’ll truly appreciate and understand the meaning of the phrase “PURE AND UTTER LUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!” once you DO” – the “yes” part?

I’d say yes, if done right!

There is a way to appreciate women, even in front of yours, and it ain’t about how Glyn Schofield or his fans – or not, hehe – do it.

It ain’t simp to her either – directly.

There are WAYS in which you can bring this up.

There are WAYS you can say “I like her boobs” – without her (your woman) getting mad over it.

In short, its like my S.O. once told me “you know how to look at women!”

It has to come from within, if you truly APPRECIATE and respect her, and therefore worship her, it will show.

And in that case, SHE – your woman will know – it wont go beyond that!

And she’ll love you MORE for it. Hehe.

It’s a matter of how, the vibe, knowing she’s hot, sexy, knowing she’s dominating, knowing she’s a queen, but not CHEATING, or doing anything your S.O. would not approve of, which is beyond most guys apparently…

And so she says – me. Hehe.

Or he, as it were.

Btw, I got this the other day

“You’re such a bloody faggot!”


Well, I wrote the bestselling books on what faggots love the most, Cock Worship for Sissies, Faggots and SLAVERING BOZOS! 

I added the last two in, but you get the drift.

But really, is it possible to call a she a faggot?


Probably, my friend.

I so want to slurp now.

To activate your buttons – well ,no products do it better than MINE.

Get you some now …… BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



PS – Phew!

PS #2 – What about guys that simp to all long johns, dongs, and such? Hehehehehehe.

Or all cut ones. The list expandeth!

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