That lovely look (and relieved SIGH) she gives you when she knows you’re NOT going to have sex with her!

This, of course, doesnt apply if Madam wants it, and if so, so she should. Hehe.

This isn’t so much about cuckolds either, its..

Well, two memories first.

“Your girlfriend will be very happy!” – That was MAdam Bao Bao, the oh so perfect lady whose feet I still remember, poor soles still CRACKED – as I massaged them when I paid HER to massage me.

Hehe.  (this one has been explained SO often here on the site, and in Sin City Diaries that I wont get into it again here, if you are still not conversant with the history on this one, then get the book – NOW – and also do a search on the SITE).

But get the book, the details are SO MUCH juicier in the book – pun intended. I love juice. Hehe (so do you!)

Then, another bit of wisdom I saw on Twitter the other day, something about “not pressuring her for anything like her boyfriend does, just be her FRIEND!”

So lovely and sissy oriented that advice was along with this “A guy who gives his number out as my boyfriend to all other men so they stop pestering me” (despite Madam loving being pestered sometimes, hehe – she wants her cake, so she has it too!)

That last bit reminds of me of a Rachna Ma’am, it seems to be more unique to the Indian subcontinent than anywhere else where women often pick up cucks as “boyfriends” so “men” dont pester them (while they scout for the right one. Hehe).

Nothing if not smart….

Anyway – the real memory I wanted to share ?

Another one I shared in Sin City Diaries, a visit to a lady of the night who reluctantly even rimmed me using saran wrap (and it felt lovely!) … (in Ass Worship 101 I give you tips that will take ass worship to the next, utterely blissful level possible, combine with what I teach in Sissygasm Central – yes, both studs and cucks!) …

And when it came time to make love, she very reluctantly touched my dick, and in a “showing I’m irritated and could care less” made a move to put it in her cowgirl despite not wanting to …

I laughed.

Sort of.

And then took her soles, placed them on my face, started kissing them all over.

A change came over her, I still remember her face, expression, body language, all of it VISIBLY SOFTENING!

It was SO NICE!

She returned to being the “cold hooker” later. yes.

But for that moment, those few instants, there was WARMTH in her eye as she massaged my balls as I came copiously jerking myself off (though I paid for full sex, blowjob, the works – which she did blow me, of course).

Different, was the vibe, which was, is, so nice … Not “boring”.

We never saw each other after that.

But I still remember that expression softening, it so nice!

And thats my sissy confession for today.

Where’s yours?

In the meantime, remember to pick up Sissy Confessions – some of the hottest stuff you’ll ever read (just Vol 1 on this one, I’ve got so many more in the works) and place your pre-order for another steaming HOT book coming out soon “Sissy Workouts” – – NOW!

And thats that, back soon.


Mike Watson

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