Do drops count? ?

I’ve been simping so this morning!

First to a dominating black bull, that lovely BIG ASS, and lovely cock – with pink head so luscious, women SO ON IT!

As I said on Twitter, Master mounts her SO well, both from top and the bottom!

And Madam enjoys it, as she shoulD ! ?

THen, the Japanese GOddess I’ve been writing so much about. As yo ucan tell from my typing, I’m even more EXCITED than usual!

Then of course findom, and a certain Muslim lady laughing at pindicks …

It’s all so nice.

As I told Master, thank you for having such a big dick, it makes me know my place!

Actually, I told the Muslim lady that. Hehe.

That ladies like her, so  NATURALLY bratty and dominating even without makeup and all the other jazz, I truly feel like I know my place over and over again, attracting on AUTO PILOT, and it’s SO NICE!

anyway …………

I was talking to someone about royalties.

And, in the discussion, “drops in the ocean came up”.

An ocean is made up of drops yes, even bit counts, but I was thinking not of MAdam’s money (which is what the discussion was about) – but something else!

Studs cum


And sissies?

After the initial rush of the first two sissygasms, the pleasure INTENSIFIES, and NEVER STOPS, keeps crescendoing!

Much like with real woman, the pleasure is just endless, done right.

You have to DO IT TO FEEL IT, truly!

But ejaculation wise, for sissies, there will be a time you stop “pissing cum copiously”, it will reduce to dribbles and drops.

Interestingly it takes a VERY long time for those drops to stop.

Chances are your sissy spot will be moaning, groaning and TOO Sensitive for you to continue any longer before the drops stop.

and they ALL count.

Not so much to make sissy ice cream and such …

Well, that too, but to look at it, be constantly REMINDED OF ONE’s PLACE – under ones SUPERIOR, Masters and Mistressses…. well, that is a RUSH LIKE NO OTHER!

And perhaps the best femdom book in that regard that really drives this home?

Garima Madam’s bitch.

Perhaps the best MANUAL that truly – pun intended – drives it home?

Sissygasm Central.

If you dont own these as yet, you’re missing out, friend.

Last, but not least, check out the superlative reviews for both books. Either on this site or the other.

I’m out!


Mike Watson

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