Mike Watson = Miss Watson – and more. Hehe.

I dont know why, a lot of times I see my name on the computer as .. well, Miss Watson pops up “in front of my eyes” – instead of Mike.

Obviously not in reality despite the wonky hard drive I’m on now (never as hard as lover’s COCKS, hehe – and not near as satiny! Yum!) …but its an interesting thought.

With all the talk of being a woman, doing womanly things, writing the best and most popular (and hard hitting, hitting HOME) books on sissies, sissydom, everything related … cock as well, and everything femdom/sissy related – even putting up the lovely beautiful picture of myself on THIS page, hehe … well, it is but apt I’m Miss Watson sometimes!

Has a lovely ring to it to be honest, and I’ve got long hair, full lips, I love sucking COCK, doing the womanly things, and more, and hey – girls call me “very beautiful” – and “very handsome” too – thats truly the best of both worlds as “she” deserves!

Hey, sissies are female, so is this one. Hehe.

Anyway ….

All that aside, every sissy must be in great shape my friend.

And a great little book has been in the works for a while Sissy Workouts – which tells you exactly WHY a sissy needs to be in shape, and how – and even tailors the workouts SPECIFICALLY to sissies. Hehe.

So you’ll not only get in great, super shape by doing these exercises and routines, but you’ll feel full of LUST as well while doing ’em – that mind will really work overtime with the body – and best?

You’ll be in shape to do a lot of the contortions us sissies so love and DO!

More on the sales page …

But as I respond to a certain Brandon who sent this in –

Message Body:
Hey Mike! Was wondering how I could pre order the book your working on called sissy workouts

Well, I just noticed the page despite having everything else did not have the pre-order button for some reason. Hehe.

Truly, those small details matter, much like ideas you often get on the FLY – pun, hehe – and DO! – pun, or not!

Anyway, the error has been rectified now, the pre-order button is very much alive and kicking, as I told Brandon.

And as I told him – congratulations on his upcoming pre-order – because this, more than any other – is truly a book EVERY budding sissy must have – well, along with Sissy Central – because the latter is about the MENTAL – the former about the PHYSICAL.

BOTH are needed, my friend.

In life, sissydom, every other aspect, they all go together!

And of course, to properly experience the REAL bliss and joy of sissygams done right, POSITION is key – and some of the positions, well, you need to be super flexible in order to really open up, hehe.

Anyway – so without further ado – get the books above – and place your pre-order NOW if you have not already.

And thats that.

Thought I’d send this to the list, since no doubt other sissies are “frothing at the mouth” on this one, so y’all should be.



Mike Watson

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