The dream cuck …

I hate to say it, but this email – or most of it, at any rate won’t make thy loins quiver.

It will though – or it should, at least, make your MENTAL LOINS quiver, perk up – and think. And if you’ve been following and understandin what I keep repeating, with damned good reason about the MIND being the most important thing, the most powerful SWORD AND WEAPON (pun) – well, you’ll get it.

If not, well …

The dream cuck is not necessarily one who can …

Grovel the most – or best.

Suck cock the most – or best, or even the best simp necessarily.

He – or she, hehe – doesnt have to be the “best” sissy.

Or the best at giving foot massages, anything femdom related.

Look, there’ll always be somone better than you – at something – sissydom and femdom included.

If you focus on improving yourself, becoming the best YOU – the best sissy and cuck from whichever perspective you can – that matters, it will show, so will your results in that direction.

Now, the perfect cuck ?

And the conundrum ladies face …

Its a line – just ONE line I mention in the book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies in mainland China“.

“No-one wants a … ” 

That one word is KEY.

It hasn’t got anything to do with sex, chastity, anything – the mental aspect of things are what count.

Look, what most women want – and I’d suspect the same thing in homosexual relationships – is “to be led” – and most men as well – except it’s the man’s job to ‘provide for and care’.

It’s the man’s job, even as a cuck to PROTECT her.

And if you’re a simpering sissy all the time, if you’re truly pathetic deep down inside, chances are she wont want anything to do with you anyway – much like the example of “Glyn” I keep giving you here.

(that guy is truly a lunatic).

But if it’s a choice you make, if you’re “in control” in the rest of your life – as you should be – chances are it will attract her BIG TIME and then some.

More –

Ever wonder why ladies ALL want to have sex with their cucks, despite what the literature out there on it might say?

Note that despite having written Cuck Central and Cuckold Compilations and all these books, not in any one of them have I said “she never had sex with the cuck”.


It don’t work that way.

In a truly happy relationship, as a girl once told me, big dick or not, she will “want it” – somehow. And while dick size is something you cannot control, well, she’ll want it in other ways if you get my drift.

And she’ll want it from the cuck as well, not just her lovers, chances are the lovers will be “the icing on the cake”.

Which of course – gets back to HER – having her cake and eating it too. Hehe.

So it should be, supported by a man that is truly strong internally, so strong he is able to express his weak sides, his most dominant and dormant desires with NO shame, no consideration given to “what they might think and so forth” – a knight in shining armor in all regards – and more.

No-one wants a ….

And that part of the book is KEY.

THAT is why the lady yesterday was asking me “if my reproductive organs function normally“.

Hehe, even at the age of almost 60, Madam has got it!

And so she should, on those rare occasions when she wants sex, or even if she doesnt – well, she knows she’s got a sexy man who “can” do it – and sometimes that mental satisfaction is all that counts!

And it should be mentally satisfying for her, or it wouldn’t be real femdom…

OK, so hopefully that tickled your mental buds a bit.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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