The BOTTOM of her toes, and the greatest joy – THRILL – rush in – all of FETISH!

My word!

I’ve written a lot about toes, feet, and all of it, but the reality is this, my friend – most foot lovers, sole lovers, and the such – and submissives in general – love – and focus upon – the BOTTOM of the foot a lot more than the top.

And this is perfectly understandable – my friend, it’s also why Chinese girls for one are SO shy – or so they say, hehe – about showing …their SOLES!

I’ve written about the sheer lust they KNOW it induces in those that ask, usually submissive. Hehe.

Anyway ……..

This here footboy tells you this – over the past few months, as I extend my chastity truly to NEVER seen before levels, my lust – dormant lust – keeps getting “aroused”.

It’s truly at that point where I’m transmuting SEX – and sexual energy – and manifesting what I think without even trying.

Sexual transmutation, as I keep writing about!

But this isn’t about that.

This is about … well, the greatest thrill in all of fetish – which to me isn’t ruined orgasms, sissygasms, nipplegams, or a combo of all the above – it is …

Before that, though – another word of “caution” – but I dont know the right term – when massaging her feet, the TOES are often ignored!

And it’s a big mistake I’ve pointed out SO many times in the past, the underside of the toes get very little attention, but SHOULD.

There are tons of pressure points located there, along with the ball of Madam’s – or Sir’s, hehe – foot – and the heel, the arch – pay special attention to toes too my friend and fellow submissive footboy – or footGIRL, as the case might be. Hehe.

And the greatest thrill in all of fetish?


And being so in lust you cannot help but simp to her to the point she ignores your messages, but reads, feels happy internally – like a Queen – and still ignores you, because there are so many messages literally to keep up with!

THAT makes it so worth it.

And THAT to me is the greatest thrill – in ALL OF FETISH!

And I so, so love to simp – for dominant women, and often their boyfriends too.

If you haven’t been in lust to simp consistently on a regular basis, my friend, you’re missing out.

Anyway – point of all this?

If you want to attract female dominance to you like moths to a flame, then get the book on it HERE.

Do so NOW.

And write back, review the book, I’ll give you a 10% discount off your next purchase so long as it’s a genuine review!

And thats that – back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – Ma’am, you’re SO NICE!

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