“It’s so easy to f*** with you!”

And it is.

SOOOOOOOOOO Easy, as Princess Sophia would say, except, not really. Hehe.

Even in my weakest of times, my ever expanding block list attests to that fact – I don’t do what I do for everyone, a select few deserve it – and I bend over backwards x 100 for them, the rest, well …

… but anyway, that comment?

A lady back in … 1998, I believe, when I was using AOL on  a friend’s computer (he was away to Jackson or something) to chat in the chat rooms they had back then (and I was a hornier than horny college kid back then – hence of course, despite my “shyness” at that time in front of women, what happened with Jeremy – and the others – cock sucking, I’ve NEVER been shy around cocks, always curious, loving them, the perfect sissy boy!) … I was chatting to a girl who ostensibly had huge “jugs”.

(I remember explaining the meaning of the word to a colleague from HK years later. Heh).

And this lady was talking about two “Indian” guys apparently, and how she was smoking a cigarette as they titty fucked her or something – I had the feeling, even at the time, she was just “talking”.

I think she was.

But, it turned me nonetheless, but the next time I spoke to her it was different, she was more irritated, annoyed etc – and she said the following after making some weird statement.

“You’re so easy to fuck with!” 

Now, she wasn’t really doing that, neither did that have the intended impact, I merely closed the chat and forget about her, but her comment stuck!

So easy?

Yes, very!

If I see a sole – a dominant lady – the right vibe – a lovely COCK – but most of all, lovely dominant women and their VIBES is where it ALL Starts from, even the cock part!

Feet and cock, boy.

Feet -and COCK!

Natural progression, progression being key, you cannot progress without step ONE. Hehe.

And right now I’m so easy to fuck with I’d literally sniff a lovely Amazonian lady’s boyfriend’s ass CRACK all day if she told me, I’d beg to lick the sweat under his balls of the underwear, I’d even kiss the skid marks if any, and so forth!

Ma’am you’re right, I so love COCK, especially when the women with the man are so dominant and RAVISHING AS YOU!


There’s a key to this.

It isn’t just being horny.

It’s being DENIED – and never ejaculating – that truly does for men, if you “get it” – what Napoleon Hill called the magic of sexual transmutation, which people dont understand till this day. I’ve spoken a lot about it here, and well – my results … can’t argue with those!

Staying chaste permanently like yours truly might be a step too far for most people, but the always horny feeling is what magnifies lust and therefore submission and ATTRACTION to that – in a male. (submissive male).

And you can get a lot of the same impact, though nowhere near the same via “ruined orgasms“.

Yes, my friend, although I rate chastity higher, although I rate sissygasms higher, the above i.e. ruined orgasms are a super place to start – once you know how frustrating and pleasurable a ruined orgasm can be, you’ll be ready for the next step – and then the next!

Follow my lead, my friend, as Paula said – and the WORLD – a world of delightful fetish and domination- awaits YOU!

And thats that

Back soon!



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