“What a waste of space hehe. ???” and when her little toes is miles longer than your penis


Especially that spot sissies make at the end of their undies, towards the center, perenially leaking. UGH!

????It shouldn’t even be called a penis in that case, a micro – thang it should be called. Hehe.

Anyway, where should I even start?

The gorgeous older lady with LONG lovely soles who calls me pathetic, and she’s SO RIGHT – well, I’m sure especially after I spoke about the lovely luscious cock head her boyfriend has! hehe – and with long toes, and that little toes longer than a micro wanker so many guys have.

Sometimes I wish I had one too, mine is anything but small, nah, not “really” – but since I dont, I try to be extra subservient to make up!

And I do a lot of make up on my lips too as you can tell from the Penis Central cover for one. Hehe. So love to be slutty, as I saw a meme today “girl feel free to be as slutty as you want!” – so true from a female perspective, women always being judged for their sexual preferences, when men aren’t – NOT FAIR!

Why should boys have all the fun – they should not, hehe, unless the girls WANT THEM TO!

Anyway her? Or the younger lady whose equally dominant!

Age doesnt matter, I’ve often said that – but seeing younger ladies emerge and be AS confident, as bratty – as dominating as many older women are due to “circumstance” or “the school of hard knocks”, its so nice!

Its becoming mainstream slowly is femdom, and I love it, I just love it.


What a waste of space hehe, cackled Madam when I was talking about how my penis keeps leaking, how I love the term “undies” – because it sounds so female, so much better than “underwear!”

(note to sissies – that one is not specifically mentioned in Sissy Central, so make a note!)

It all started with this –

Let’s transfer the zip from your wallet to your mouth hmm? 

A general comment to all I replied to, Ma’am is so right.

Hehe. From wallet – to mouth and pants too, hehe….  (not that whats in pants for subs matters or is even visible, mine never is. (even if i try))???

Ma’am replied as such.

“That doesnt surprise me!”


And I’m sure it doesnt. Hehe.

But, it amuses her.

And, as I told her ..

Yes, Maam, I know – you’re an experienced lady in that regard! Ma’am, I’m so sorry, but it’s literally … a pin prick … And it only gets even a little hard, as hard as it can get with ladies like you, and of course, long real man cock..

I completely agree! I try and hide it in my undies (such a feminine sounding term, I dont think I should use “underwear”) ??as much as possible, but it keeps leaking, so disgusting, Ma’am!


One look at your sunglasses does it too! ???

But it’s good to amuse my superiors, like you. Hehe. That makes it worth it. Wouldn’t you agree.


And thats really all it’s good for – otherwise – waste of space!


Especially with that little point sissies always have at the front of their panties, ALWAYS WET, leaking…


Anyway, takeaways from all this –

One, Ma’am is so right, as she always is!

Two, sissies – pathetic, yes, but if you can amuse your superiors (women) – and women love being amused , entertained, interesting conversation – then it’s worth it!

And three, pin prick dicks, or the “Glyn Schofield” types – truly pathetic, deserve to be outed regularly, and LAUGHED At, and being publicly humiliated for the beta fags they are. Hehe.


Sometimes I wish I had one like that, but nah – I’ll stick to my own long one – the one described above. Hehe.

But, I’d like to be extra subservient just for that – and am !

It’s so nice, these dominating ladies!

And get to worshipping one TODAY – my friend. Or, whats the point – “waste of time” as one would say.

Second, if you’re on this list, and have no intention of ever buying a product, a book, a manual, then YOU my friend are a waste of space on this list.

Sorry to say it, but it’s true.

If you fall into that category, rectify by getting these two books that will attract female domination to you like moths to a flame right NOW –

A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland

16 INCREDIBLY powerful femdom affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a flame.

And then more

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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