When you’re watching a movie, and all you can focus on? HER! Hehe.

So much for the storyline, you’d think. And you’d be right!

The first time I watched a movie with Madam Carol – her of the “your foot just like girls!” – and the lovely small feet – and more, mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” (in the real life experiences section) … I was out of control as usual.

Of course, it wasn’t feet, though it well could have been, but I was devoting attention – to well, Carol, and I barely even remember till this date, despite having a nigh photographic memory in ALL other regards, the memory of an elephant I’ve been told (along with the elephant snout penis, hehe) … what movie I watched.

Later, we had lunch, then she went to Guangzhou.

And I remember talking to her on wechat, and she was like … “for you, other things were more interesting than the movie!”

One fine night outside a restaurant … “why SO many kisses?”

And so forth.

Well, thats stuck with me till NOW.

Right NOW, I’m watching a movie, supposed to be “suspense and horror”.

Ok, movies these days – unless it’s action, which I love, or unless its real suspense and horror, I can barely stand ’em, nothing comes close to the Hannibal series!

(which of course we all know about)

But even there, I’d probably be staring at Jodie Foster or Julianne Moore. I certainly did at the lovely Gong Li in “Hannibal Rising” she was the focus for me the entire movie, which wasn’t that bad either! (though nothing like the first, or even the second).

Anyway ……….

Point of me saying this isn’t to focus on the long feet of the girl right now (in the movie, the lead star) or the movie itself, pretty worthless otherwise, but this morning I wrote about genuinely being attracted to women (ie LIKING, not just lust) from the inside out, admiring them (deep down inside) – and THINKING the right way – and last night, about male chastity, the many benefits…

… well, THAT is part of all this.

When you find yourself focusing on women more and more, more and more, more and more, when your thoughts are always “submissive” to a degree about women, when it’s fueled by lust but liking MORE … that is when you’ll know you’re getting somewhere if that makes sense.

Plenty of links in this here email, so I wont include more – lots of education for y’all!

And thats that.

Back soon!!



PS – I knew I said I wouldn’t include more links, but Penis Central – given the link above – I HAVE to include it – the best ever, you penis lovers – you will LOVE IT! (and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots!).

Get them NOW!(and no excuses please!)

PS #2 – and Carol was NOT the only one who said it, hehe, but y’all probably figured that one out by now!

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