“Lick my soles in front of your family 😈”

Madam has SUCH A devious, sexy, playful, inventive mind – I KNEW IT!

Those ladies that never show their face – a lot dont – and she never did until now.

“Normal girl”.

With “normal” thoughts… a “normal” job … and so forth.

Except, her Twitter shows her devious side! Hehe.

I covered this all very well in an email before about hidden desires that NEVER go away – that is WELL Worth a read, or re-read, or several, until you come to terms with who you are, until you come full circle, and even when you do, those desires will NOT go away, they’re a part of you anyway – so why would you want them to go away?

Its one thing if you dont want “everyone” to know about it, but as I’ve been telling women (random ladies) as of late…

“Ma’am, it’s so nice – so LIBERATING – to know one’s true place in front of a woman!”Β 

And it is!

Even if I dont necessarily have a small penis, I usually say I do, even if I’m not “really” a cuckold, or what not – I love being one – and I love serving women in general – and it’s just so nice, so liberating!

None of this would ever be possible if I didnt give in to my innermost desires, follow my heart – life wise, business wise, hell, I would not be running this particular business for that matter if that wasn’t the case.

Sadly, many people don’t follow their hearts – “what will others think”.

Well, my friend, chances are excellent and second to none those straitlaced co-workers, those parents, those other people you think dont “think all this” – they have exactly these, or even kinkier thoughts on occasion they never LET OUT.

THAT is the difference.

As explained in that email above we all have ’em, bottom line! (perhaps that explains the popularity of porn, this site, and so forth – although we are not into and never will be into “porn” – we are into fetish, the mental side, gorgeous ladies being worshipped and it all starts, goes from, and ends there!)

Anyway ……….

So thats what the Japanese lady asked – someone.

He replied with “ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”.

Which I can understand. Hehe.

But she makes a valid point, it’s hard to answer it too – I mean, if he’s REALLY willing to do “anything” for her …

Except, of course, if he does it in front of family that ruins his vanilla image and probably his money too, hehe.

So – limits. There always are!

It should be SSC, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing in thoughts while being SSC, it just adds to the fun!

The MIND is what it’s all about – and on that note?

Many people on THIS site have bought PAPERBACKS from us – and believe me, if those are sitting on your mantelpiece, they cannot be hidden from family, guests, and so forth.

Its so nice to see all this becoming mainstream, and if you’ve noticed, the femdom movement growing stronger with each passing year.

Truly as my S.O. said, “its the women’s century!”

Whether or not she said in the manner I mean it is another issue – likely not, but … these things are becoming more open, and I for one am so glad and grateful to have played a huge, or small, or minor, or whatever role in it, and will continue to through this site, this business.

“From the heart”, as another one of my businesses says.Β 

And it is.

And it always should be, it works best that way!

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up “brutally honest, reality mixed in with a dab of creative license, NOT the other way around – FROM THE HEART!” fiction – which isn’t really fiction, hehe – right HERE. And take a gander at our manuals, they will go a long way in helping YOU live the life you’ve always wanted! Happy, blissful, underfoot, sissified, and more (depending upon…) .

And end of the day, isnt that what makes it worth it?

I know my answer – whats yours? Hehe.

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