Massaging Madams fat, lovely stomach …

Everything about her is so lovely!

And so it should be – I’ve written about why it’s never about her looks, her weight etc – all those things women are SO judged by. Everywhere really, though it’s worse in Asia it seems!

And especially not her age, how older women can be SO incredibly sexy (and really, given a lot of older women in cinema these days, the acceptance of older women marrying younger man – well, it only proves what yours truly has been saying and predicting for years is TRUE – as usual. Hehe. I still remember my girlfriend when I was 19, she was quite a lot older dealing with comments of “you robbed the cradle”, her response was, “Well, he’s much more mature than men his age” and so forth) …

But anyway – and this is one detail I do NOT mention in Sin City Diaries – during those long foot massages (where of course a lot else was going on, hehe) – those lovely ladies during the “second hour”  (see the books for more!) (i.e. a through understanding of what I mean by “second hour”) – they’d often massage other parts of the body – yes, THAT part too, but if you just wanted another hour long massage, they would do that too.

Those ladies were incredibly STRONG for one!

And I still remember, I was fat back then (somewhat) – and my thighs would be on theirs while I relaxed in the soft, their hands on me, massaging my stomach!

It felt different, those cool lovely hands on the fat, the stomach, the Chinese belief goes “massage the fat away” – which doesnt quite work, I must be honest, but it FEELS great!

And it’s great for turning men – and women on too!

As Madam – and this is really a lot of Indian ladies I know – Pooja Memsahib … JI! with her rolls of fat coming to mind the FIRST, and it should be that way! – they LOVED this.

I often remember serving Pooja for hours, and part of that involved her lying down arrogantly, legs spread like a man, STARING at me, and I’d just rub her tummy up and down as she relaxed.

Of course, more, I’d be giving her head, I’d be licking her armpits, her ass, her body, her stomach, doing a lot of the things I mention in the book.

But thats one way – yet another way to make her feel like a Queen, even her so called weak points, you treat them like her STRONG points, and it makes her feel even more of a Goddess, as it should be!

Ma’am, those rolls of fat ARE SO NICE!

And massaging them is such an honor, another way to make YOU Feel good, which is what it’s all always about, and should be!

And thats that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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