That first kiss, that first SMOOCH …

If there is one memory I’ll always have amongst all the other lovely ones of Madam Aa Ling (about whom a literally award winning book was written) – it is this.

Picture a young girl walking in to greet you, my friend -in a short skimpy red dress that leaves nothing to the imagination.

A girl the Mamasan brought to the lao wai (foreign devil) (or “gui lao”, hehe) – because well, as I keep saying in Sin City Diaries, the Chinese are nothing if not smart and canny, they know the foreigner can’t speak Chinese, they know how a lot of foreigners love ALL chinese girls, so they will do their best (unless told which I often did, if I wanted to) to pawn off some of the more “undesirable” women onto the foreigners!

I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

They bring three girls out for the Chinese, something else altogether for the expats. Hehe.

But that said … again, that thing about not being traditionally beautiful I keep writing about!

I said above I complained often, but come to think of it, probably not even once.

Hehe. With good reason – those ladies should be worshipped even MORE! Along with downtrodden ladies…

Anyway, she walked in sashaying, and the smile told me all I needed to know.

It was GENUINE, not put on.

And the eyes that sparkled, the friendly smile – she liked me from the get go.

Of course, little did I know. Hehe.

But she strode up to me, giggling, and tongue kissed me SO deeply – I can still feel the rock hard erection BUILDING, how it built!

She used her tongue of course to great effect on my body.

Of course, I more than repaid the favor later as you can tell from “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” if you’ve read it!

But that first kiss, that first smooch, it contained so much warmth, I didnt even think that same tongue had lapped up other men’s dongs and cum most likely before, but then again, who knows.

Those were the days of supply aplenty, a lot of times the girls had no business!

And even if Aa Chie (her real name) had plenty of business, it was different with me. Not so a lot of the other girls I mention in Sin City Diaries – but Liao was another one – different!  (in Volume One).

You can feel these things, the vibe!

And at that first tongue kiss, that way her tongue intemingled with mine, the lips, the lust, the kiss that would stay forever with me, the photo that stayed YEARS on the back of my phone – – my wife was the one to “peel it off” (you dont need it anymore! – pun not intended, hehe) … that stayed with me literally for years.

Years later, more than 20 odd years later, I remember and can FEEL it like it was yesterday – today – NOW!

And so will you when you read the book on it, my friend – there is a reason it’s gotten such rave REVIEWS!

Speaking of which leave an honest review after you get the book, and I’ll make sure to send you a 10% discount code simply for leaving a review (for your next purchase).

No, I dont want five star necessarily (though most of my reviews are that, and are much appreciated as well!) – what I want more than anything else is brutal bare knuckle – or bare back, hehe – honesty!

Like that honest kiss Aa Chie gave me so many years ago, it stayed with me so…

And thats that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Our world famous Sin City Diaries series – now in compilation format, and Volume Four is well and truly — – – ON THE WAY!!

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